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With its interdisciplinary approach to {skin care}, this trailblazer was the first ever Dr-Brand, the first to use Esthetic AHA formulations and the first to add vitamin supplements to a skin care range. When it comes to treating {acne} and redness issues, Murad is one of the best brand’s out there.

Their name combines nature with luxe; high performance, elegance and sensuality are at the heart of the Nuxe philosophy. One of France’s best-selling pharmacy brands (no mean feat!), their multi-award winning Huile Prodigieuse has been hailed in almost every Beauty Hall-of-Fame you’d care to mention, while the Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm is consistently named a beauty expert favourite. And, not to be outdone by her brand's burgeoning awards cabinet, Aliza Jabés was awarded a ‘Légion d’Honneur’ for her outstanding contribution to the beauty industry.


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