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Revolutionising your body care routine while tackling taboos, Mio Skincare is designed to make everyone feel good in their skin. Supercharged with essential oil fragrances and packed with its proprietary Feel-Good Complex, the brand creates soothing bath time essentials so you can uplift and recharge your skin and senses with every lather, scrub or swipe.


Mio Skincare

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Understanding that body care should make you and your limbs feel good, Mio Skincare develops highly effective body care essentials that elevate your everyday routine. Creating gentle formulas packed with nourishing ingredients and invigorating scents, the brand respects even your most sensitive areas by dreaming up a lineup of products for limbs that feel soft, supple and soothed.


Mio Skincare was founded by three women – Sian, Tanya and Jill, who initially embarked on a mission to formulate a collection of skin essentials that catered around pregnant women and their unique needs. The trio first founded Mama Mio that was inspired by their own journeys through pregnancy and motherhood. From this, they learnt that mothers who used Mama Mio products during their pregnancies were continuing to use them long after they had children. This insight prompted Sian, Tanya and Jill to develop a skin care range that was available to everyone, launching Mio Skincare in 2013.


Brimming with moisture magnets and protective ingredients, the Future Proof Body Butter packs a hydrating punch. Infused with Mio Skincare’s famed ‘Feel-Good-Complex' of Indian fig extract and Monk’s pepper berry, this limb-loving lotion smothers your body in replenishing antioxidants, hydrating oils and protective myrtle extract. What’s more, with an uplifting citrus scent, it leaves skin velvety smooth and your senses feeling blissfully at peace. Dedicated to the derriere, the Peachy Cheeks Butt Cream is designed to tighten and tone your bum. Powered by a wealth of antioxidants and the brand’s unique ‘Smooth Booster Complex’ of niacinamide, proteins, vitamins and caffeine, it ensures your bottom feels smoother, stronger and firmer.