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The legacy of Dr. Max Huber – an aerospace physicist – La Mer was born of a serendipitous breakthrough; in experiments to heal burns from a lab accident, he discovered a fermentation process that unlocked the regenerating potential of sea kelp and other pure ingredients – now known and revered as the Miracle Broth complex – transforming his skin for the better. Now based off the pristine waters of Vancouver Island, the prestigious {skin care} range harnesses sustainable, hand-harvested kelp to feed the timeless, age-defying Miracle Broth. The staple at the heart of the brand, the world-renowned Crème de la Mer is a luxury that all discerning beauty aficionados strive for – that’s where we’re starting…


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The {La Mer} story began with aerospace physicist, Dr Max Huber, who was working to discover active and natural ingredients to heal lab burns. This research led to discovering the fermentation process of sea kelp and other pure ingredients from the waters surrounding the beautiful Vancouver Island. Proving the kelp’s regenerating potential, he discovered that by using this ingredient as part of an active skin care formula, it’s possible to regenerate and renew skin, reversing the signs of ageing as well as healing from skin damage. This elixir is now a central ingredient in the La Mer product range; the Miracle Broth. As one of the most intensive beauty lines on the market, the award-winning La Mer is used around the globe by those seeking the very best in luxury skin repair and care.


It’s the product that launched La Mer into the beauty world, {Crème De La Mer}. This iconic product is on the wishlist of every beauty lover, and for good reason. Its rich, creamy and luxurious texture feels incredible to apply and the ingredients list promises to hydrate, moisturise, soothe, repair and renew with every application. The formula includes the brand’s signature Miracle Broth paired with antioxidant Lime Tea to produce astonishing results that you can see and feel. Discover Crème De La Mer as well as a range of other textures, including {The Moisturising Soft Cream} and {The Moisturising Matte Lotion}.


The La Mer Miracle Broth is at the heart of every La Mer product, including Crème De La Mer. It’s formulated using the nutrient-rich sea kelp found on the beautiful Pacific Coast. The kelp is sustainably hand-harvested by La Mer’s kelp experts at specific times of the year to ensure the best possible nutrients per harvest. It then undergoes Dr Max Huber’s precise fermentation process – now undertaken by La Mer’s team of expert scientists – to perfect every batch. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, the innovative Miracle Broth elixir is the foundation of each of the La Mer products.


Whatever your skin type, browse the La Mer range to discover your perfect luxury match. From the revered and world-famous moisturising cream to {eye creams}, {lip balms} and {serums}, the range is designed to solve a wide variety of skin concerns. Tackle dark circles or puffy eyes or concentrate on age-defying products that improve fine lines and wrinkles. Designed to use the healing and regenerating properties of the sea, the La Mer collection is the epitome of luxury skin care.