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Founded by multi-talented LA artist Sheena Yaitanes, Kosas unites impeccable shade ranges with botanical-rich formulas. The result? Make up that’s as good for your skin as it is gorgeous to look at, flattering a vast spectrum of skin tones with beautifully pigmented products – from lipsticks to the perfect tinted moisturiser – that are crammed with nutrient-dense ingredients. A consciously formulated collection of good-for-skin and treat-for-the-eyes make up? Yes please…



Crafting good make up (not no make up), Kosas levels up your make up look with revealing, expressive pigments that look out for your skin. Clinically proven to actually make your complexion better, even when it’s bare, the brand believes that you should be your best self every single day. From lipsticks and bronzers to deodorant and spray serums, Kosas has you covered from head to toe (quite literally).


Curious and creative as a child, Sheena Yaitanes spent her youth with her beloved microscope and art set – creating her first ever make up product (that’s the Glitter Gel Highlighter, for those of you who didn’t know) at just ten years old. Fast-forward today, and Kosas’ founder continues to create cosmetics that express your individuality while looking after your skin from within. Launching the brand from her kitchen table over five years ago out of the frustration of not being able to find a lipstick or foundation that stayed intact throughout the day, Sheena Yaitanes dreams up cosmetics that are easy and effective with a single swipe.


Bridging the gap between skin care and make up, Kosas uses ultra-nourishing ingredients at active levels to provide complexion benefits bare-faced or not. Bursting with comfort, the brand’s formulas feel minimal but provide maximum results, allowing your look to feel and stay fresh all day long.