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Beginning its life in a Seattle kitchen, Herbivore was founded by husband and wife Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills with a mission to create all-natural skin care that delivers tangible results. Inspired by crystals, colours, or even co-founder Julia's favourite Hibiscus tea, every concoction is a work of art with gorgeous colours, delicious scents and a unique backstory – most of the products are still conceived in the Seattle kitchen to this day. Steering clear of synthetics and fillers, they ensure every ingredient within their formulas is of the highest quality – think: plant-based food-grade essential oils, GMO-free soy wax – and has a specific purpose. The result? Highly active, concentrated and efficient products that work to improve both your skin and wellbeing, from beautifully fragrant face mists to luxurious facial oils. The brand's ethical standpoint doesn't end there – all ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free, while their packaging is recyclable and reusable. Perfect for injecting some well-deserved 'me time' into your schedule, these self-care essentials not only deliver plenty of nutrients to your skin, they're also blended with invigorating, calming and soothing essential oils to lend the products a therapeutic, experiential aroma. Inner Zen, here we come…

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