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On a mission to build a holistic mindset when it comes to SPF, Kajsa Regnér and Sigrid Osvald launched Gun Ana to unify the skin care and sun protection space... all year round. Borrowing its name from the ancient sun goddess, whose rays were seen as the link between the sun, earth and planet, the brand fuses good-for-skin botanical blends with high UV and HEV-light protection, to create multifunctional, easy-to-use SPFs.


Founded in Stockholm by friends and avid skiers Kajsa Regnér and Sigrid Osvald, Gun Ana streamlines sunscreen routines to encourage SPF use every day. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients to fuse sun protection with skin care, the brand’s range of SPFs not only shield you from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays but also help strengthen your protective barrier too.


Kajsa Regnér and Sigrid Osvald first met over 10 years ago while doing a ski season in the French Alps. While Sigrid spent many years in the fashion industry before entering the skin care sphere, Kajsa competed in freeride skiing before moving to Stockholm to study marketing and communications. Bonding over their love for the outdoors – spending summers by the ocean and winters in the mountains – the duo understood the importance of sun care all year around. However, they soon noticed as the awareness of skin health started to spread, the communication of the importance of SPF was being left behind. With that in mind, the friends decided to launch a sunscreen range that not only brought to light the importance of UV protection but also benefited your skin and senses alike. And thus, Gun Ana was born.


While we all know how UV rays damages our skin, what about HEV light (otherwise known as blue light)? Emitted by the sun as well as artificial sources – such as smartphones, tablets and computers) – HEV light has a shorter wavelength and higher energy level, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin than your typical ultraviolet rays. Causing collagen breakdown, pigmentation and premature aging, it can damage skin cells and your complexion’s overall health. The best way to avoid these concerns? Sunscreen to deflect the rays, plus antioxidants to neutralise free radicals and oxidative stress – which all Gun Ana products include.