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Bringing glitz, glamour and good times straight to your home, Discothèque dreams up scents for scene-loving socialites. Founded between LA and London by friends (and forever dance partners) Jessie Willner and Hanover Booth, the brand’s home fragrances serve as a stairway to your favourite nightclub – encouraging you to fully let go and throw some of your best shapes.


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Built on the ethos that 70s and early 80s disco was more than just a dancefloor, but a way of life, Discothèque creates candles that give you a little piece of these parties in the comfort of your own home. Boosting a free-spirted feeling within its fragrances, each product is housed in a signature three-colour gradient glass reminiscent of neon signs covering the club doors and fills your space with scents of swirling vanilla clouds, smoky tobacco or the citrus trail of your Cosmopolitan.


With much of their friendship and fondest memories occurring while dancing, Jessie Willner and Hanover Booth worked and travelled together for many years – falling in love with various new cities, DJs and dancefloors. Linking these escapades to fragrances, the duo discovered that music and scent intertwine through sensory experiences to evoke emotions and transport you somewhere else entirely. And so, they sought to recreate these experiences...from home. With this Jessie and Hanover blared their music and ignited candles to get the smoky feel and flickering lights of their go-to discos. And thus, the idea of Discothèque was born...


Described as scents with souls, Discothèque’s fragrances take lived tales of club nights and connects them to corresponding notes. Paying homage to after-hours landmarks (we’re talking everywhere from London’s Ronnie Scott's to Manchester's Haçienda and more), the brand’s blends recreate memories that bring the dance party home. While the renowned Crisco Disco transports you to NYC’s Meatpacking District with its blood orange, bourbon, vanilla and suede fusion, Milk! acts as your backstage pass to jungle night with its orris, black pepper and juniper medley.