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Aptly named after the theory that it takes 66 days to acquire a habit, Community Sixty-Six brings simplicity and consistency to our skin care routines. Founded by Dia Foley, the brand’s smart formulas use the latest ingredients to boost bigger and better results in as little as three steps. Bringing beauty back to basics, its supercharged selection serves up everything you need to reveal your happiest and healthiest complexion yet.


Developed through habit formation, Community Sixty-Six floods its formulas with the latest ingredients to provide long-term results for a plethora of skin care concerns. With a simple yet oh so effective routine – that uses minimal steps – the brand’s edit of cleansers, moisturisers and creams provide a regime that’s easy to follow and (most importantly) easy to stick too.


From starting her career as a make up artist behind department store counters to creating a brand of her own, Dia Foley has become a household name within the beauty industry. Lucky enough to travel around the world working with retailers, chemists, and product developers, she was able to meet and share skin care stories with people from all walks of life. It was during these conversations that Dia discovered that life gets overwhelming and busy for all, so when it comes to beauty regimes people need products that are easy to understand and stick too... And thus, Community Sixty-Six was born.


Proving that consistency is skin care’s superpower, Community Sixty-Six understands that between our busy schedules no one has the time (or desire) to play bathroom chemist. With that in mind, the brand creates smart formulas that use the best ingredients in controlled conditions for optimum outcomes. Making language simple, Community Sixty-Six brings the beauty industry back to ground zero, making it easy to understand and most importantly stick too.