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Grown Alchemist - Meet the Founders

We are SO excited to usher all-natural Australian brand {Grown Alchemist} into our Cult Beauty ‘hall of fame’! Creators of supercharged, organic skin (and body!) care have-to-haves, we caught up with brand founders Keston and Jeremy, to learn a little more about the alchemists behind this stand-out range.

{Cult Beauty} Grown Alchemist is as organic as organic gets. What prompted you to pursue all-natural skin care?

{Keston & Jeremy} Grown Alchemist is geared towards skin health – health is beauty – and it was when we discovered that natural and organic ingredients are recognised and utlised by the body far better than synthetics, that we decided to focus on restoring cell ‘health’, and providing the ideal environment for cells to thrive – encouraging them to repair, regenerate and ‘anti-age’ themselves.

{CB} You have swiftly become the second best-selling natural brand in Australia (an astonishing achievement)! What’s the secret to the brand’s success?

{K & J} We are actually now the best-selling brand in our category – I think largely because of our commitment to creating scientifically advanced, results-driven formulas using only the best (proven-effective) natural and organic ingredients – it’s reassuring for customers to recognise what they read on the label.

{CB} ‘Detoxification’ is a Grown Alchemist ‘buzz-term’. What does ‘detox’ really mean in terms of skin care, and why is it so important?

{K & J} To detox, basically means to rid the skin of toxins, which can inhibit cell efficacy and even cause long-lasting DNA damage. There are three common species of free radical (a free radical is an unstable ion – usually caused by a molecule ‘breaking’ through UV exposure – which leaves a lone ‘free’ electron, eager to form a new bond) – oxygen, carbonyl and nitrogen. Our ‘detox’ products – our {Deep Cleansing Masque} for example – work to eliminate these damaging particles and in turn, permit important skin function like collagen synthesis to continue unhindered.

{CB} Your Regenerating Night Cream contains some of the world’s most advanced (and expensive!) anti-ageing powerhouses. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

{K & J} One of our development team members is an expert on the body’s Circadian Rhythms (our inherent, 24 hour clock) and our formulations are painstakingly created to compliment these cycles. Our {Regenerating Night Cream} contains neuropeptides – made from the same protein found in our brains – to work in sync with skin’s repair and renewal processes and trigger a noticeable reduction in the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

{CB} The Grown Alchemist range is essentially ‘one size fits all’ – are there any exceptions to this rule?

{K & J} It’s true – our range is designed to normalise all skin types, but we do have some things that will work better with slightly drier (or oilier) complexions. For example, if you have combination skin and are susceptible to a shiny T-zone, our {Matte Balancing Moisturiser} will help to ‘mop up’ excess oil to leave skin looking velvety.

{CB} And what’s next for Grown Alchemist?

(K & J} We have some very exciting new product launches lined up for the first half of 2015. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but the new year threatens to be phenomenal!


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Verity Douglas

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