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Dear Rose at 15,

Sleeping in mascara to get the perfect smudge eye ISN’T a thing. It never was.

You need to be kind to yourself, stop comparing yourself to the other girls in school and how good they look – you look good too! Just in your own way. On that note, If you’re going to bleach your hair so much, mask more! Hydration is key! Olaplex isn’t a thing yet, but when it comes, it’ll transform your hair. Sadly, we get no growth without stopping the blonde… you won’t believe it, we’ve embraced the red hair!

If you wear makeup, make sure to double cleanse and get it off properly, never sleep in it! Start taking care of your skin more, it won’t be so red and dry. Stealing mums’ night cream once in a while won’t make a difference, you just need a simple routine and be consistent. Adding in a sunscreen is a MUST, you won’t want to or fully understand why, but if you do one thing – do that!

Lastly, please stop sharing eye liner!! It’s so gross and I can’t believe we did it so often in school.

With love,

Future You