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Democratising the LED space, The Light Salon fuses the latest technology with a luxe spa experience to make light therapy more accessible. Dreamt up by long-term friends, Laura Ferguson and Hannah Measures, the brand creates advanced devices designed to tackle a plethora of common concerns, from reducing redness to hydrating dry skin and everything in between.

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On a mission to make LED therapy accessible to all, The Light Salon brings the spa home with its high-tech range of treasured tools. Allowing you to treat yourself from head to toe, the brand dreams up professional LED devices for your face, body, décolletage, and more. Delivering precision wavelengths - red 633nm and near infrared 830nm wavelengths, to be exact – this covetable collection looks to plump, hydrate and soothe skin.


Friends since 1999 and mutually obsessing over light therapy since 2006, Laura Ferguson and Hannah Measures created The Light Salon in a bid to bring LED therapy to all. Fond of facials, the duo wanted a convenient and accessible way to enjoy their favourite treatments from the comfort of their own homes. But why light therapy? Well, after decades of searching for a solution to her acne-prone skin, and with a career working in London’s most exclusive spas, Laura Ferguson was introduced to LED therapy – which had a transformative effect on her complexion. Eager to share her experience she introduced an LED treatment at the luxury spa she managed. While it was an instant hit with her clients, there was one client in particular who saw dramatic results – Hannah Measures. Not only did she find that the light therapy soothed her highly sensitive skin, but she also found it had a meditative effect on her mind. Just as excited as each other, the two decided to team up and bring the bountiful benefits of light therapy to the rest of the world. Enter: The Light Salon.


The go-to for pro-level make up artists, celebrities and industry experts alike, the brand’s original award-winning Boost LED Face Mask has gained cult status worldwide. Why? Where do we start... Not only does it reduce the appearance of fine lines and redness but plumping, hydrating and brightening your complexion, but it also evens out skin tone while keeping breakouts at bay. What’s more, it’s the perfect partner for your self care Sundays, Mondays and any other day, for that matter.