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High performing, innovative and easy to use, RÓEN doesn’t compromise on its performance or payoff. Using luxurious formulas in distinguished textures, the brand creates a plethora of products that elevate your make up routine. Infused with nourishing, skin-loving ingredients the covetable complexion collection enhances your natural beauty without masking it.



Conscious that our skin is ever changing and is constantly responding to the environment, daily stress and ever-changing hormones, Current State is all about bringing balance back to your complexion. Wanting to provide exactly what your skin needs in its current state, the brand created clinically responsive skin care to bring your complexion to a balanced, more homeostatic state.


Having worked in beauty PR for over a decade, Current State founder Emily Parr noticed that most skin care brands were tackling generic complexion concerns without really understanding why skin behaves the way it does. Coining the term ‘situational skincare’, Emily took a holistic and functional approach when developing Current State’s lineup, enabling consumers to pick and choose products depending on the current needs of skin.


Bursting with fruit extracts and formulated to target pigmentation and dark spots, the supercharged Vitamin C + Super Greens Brightening Serum is the answer to a radiant looking complexion. Packed with an energising blend of spinach and broccoli extracts, grape and jojoba seed oil and vitamin C, this smoothie-like serum delivers a deep dose of hydration while also reducing the look of sunspots. If texture is more your skin-stressor, then reach for the Retinol + Marula Renewing Serum instead. Starring encapsulated retinol and kojic acid, this dynamic duo work to brighten and renew the complexion. Plus, with an added shot of moisture-locking marula and jojoba oil, this deeply nourishing serum delivers a surge of hydration for skin that looks glowy, plump and supple.