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A recent emergence after a brush with COVID-19, LifeBio came about after Claire – LifeBio’s Co-Founder, alongside Lionel – contracted the virus and was told to take a hefty dose of vitamin D3. With interests piqued, they both set about limiting their pill intake and upping their vitamin intake, and the result was LifeBio’s innovative patches. Worn by Claire and Lionel every single day, each transdermal patch delivers active ingredients topically, so that they can be absorbed by skin and then the bloodstream in small amounts consistently over a long period of time. Taking essential vitamins this way allows them to bypass your digestive system too, so that you can reap their full, body-boosting rewards to the max. Whether you’re feeling run-down or just need a post-party pick-me-up (we’ve all been there), LifeBio has the perfect patch to keep you feeling your utmost best.


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