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As a professional ballet dancer, Jordan Samuel Pacitti was no stranger to skin irritations and chronic complexion concerns. In 2013 after retraining as an aesthetician, he made the skin care scene his stage when he created Jordan Samuel Skin. With high-performing formulas that artfully tame and soothe complexions in crisis, the brand has developed must haves that are simple but incredibly effective.

Discover Jordan Samuel Skin

With the idea that you can ‘choreograph your skin care routine’, Jordan Samuel Skin aims to provide customisable products that are luxurious and results oriented. Having suffered from irritation throughout his performing career, Jordan Samuel was adamant about formulating products that combine a balance of potencies with soothing ingredients — all maximising the long-term effects on the skin, while minimising sensitivity and irritation.


With a career as a professional performing ballet dancer spanning over 11 years, Jordan Samuel put his skin through a lot. From the long days under harsh lights wearing thick and heavy stage make up, he noticed the toll it had taken on his complexion. Speaking to other ballerinas in the dressing rooms and learning the best ways to properly look after his skin, awoke within him a skin care passion. To soothe his compromised complexion, Jordan began to create his own oil-based cleansers and hydrating serums to use before, after and during his performances... And it didn’t take long before the other ballerinas became obsessed. Once he retired from dancing, Jordan Samuel earned an aesthetics license and replaced his dressing room with a treatment room. Working closely with cosmetic chemists to develop new and innovative products, Jordan Samuel Skin was born.


We can’t talk about Jordan Samuel Skin without mentioning the iconic The After Show Treatment Cleanser. Melting off even the heaviest of make up, this gel-to-oil formula lifts away dirt, grime and SPF without stripping your precious moisture barrier. Plus, with a mix of camomile, green tea and aloe leaf juice, nourishes irritated and sensitive skin. Another fan-favourite is the Hydrate Facial Serum. Sinking deep into thirsty cells, this skin soothing serum is brimming with botanicals and humectants for a deliciously dewy finish. And finally, to lock in all your skin’s hard work, is The Performance Cream. Lightweight and rich in peptides, this moisturiser calms the complexion while restoring and hydrating it to its optimum condition. Perfect for all skin types, it sinks quickly into the skin and works in perfect partnership when paired with other Jordan Samuel Skin products.