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Resolving your skin problems one spot at a time, ZitSticka is the innovative skincare brand that’s been making waves (and calming the appearance of zits) throughout the beauty realm. After years of struggling with intermittent adult acne, co-founder Danny decided enough was enough – the world needed a skincare product that reduced the angry appearance of unwelcome vi-zit-ors with minimal effort and speed. Joined by co-founder Robbie, they embarked on a mission to create science-backed, hi-tech formulas that will dissolve the blemish's appearance at its source, without resorting to harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates. The result? A fast-working sticker that targets that new-found, up-and-coming zit – and with a whole host of hard-working formulas shaping up in their skincare suite, this is just the beginning of the complexion-clearing revolution…



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