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Catering to the skin of the stars, Kate Somerville is an expert when it comes to tackling common beauty concerns. Built on the belief that everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, the brand dreams ups everything from acne solutions to firming formulas that smooth out fine lines. What’s more, all Kate Somerville’s collections are rigorously and independently tested to ensure each bottle is packed with the highest performing recipes.



Opening the doors to her first Skin Health Expert Clinic in 2004,Kate Somerville worked with her team to create soothing, smoothing and successful skin care solutions for all. Based in the heart of Hollywood, the facialist quickly became a name to the stars, treating everyone from Eva Mendes to Olivia Wilde. After just a year, the demand for the brand to bottle up its formulas rose, leading Kate Somerville to create the brand’s bestsellers such as the Delikate, Exfolikate and Kateceuticals collections.


Using her childhood struggles of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin to fuel her determination to succeed, Kate Somerville began her beauty journey when she first enrolled in aesthetician school. During her studies, the founder decided to use active ingredients to help patients heal faster after cosmetic surgery. Fast forward to today and Kate Somerville dreams up protocols for all ages, ethnicity and skin types, giving skin care solutions to those in need. Oh, and did we mention the beauty specialist is the favourite facialist amongst the stars, too? Her client list includes the likes of Demi Moore, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson, to name a few.


A firm favourite across the globe, Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate range minimises pores while maximising your overall glow. Supporting smoothing tones and textures, the collection is fused with Kate’s signature three Ps for perfect skin – papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes.

Gently removing make up, oil and other unwanted impurities, without stripping your skin, Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Cleanse is also a beauty bag bestseller – and for good reason too. The creamy formula is powered by goat milk and Manuka honey to enhance hydration while nourishing your complexion from the inside out.


Kate Somerville is committed to supporting children in care and provides advice, coaching and support to help make their dreams become a reality. With that in mind, the brand pledges £10,000 annually to support the communities.