join the menopause revolution


Shrouded in stigma, it’s time to change how society views the menopause. We’re aiming to trigger a shift in the way that the UK treats this natural transition by raising awareness, evolving Cult Beauty’s internal policies and supporting ground-breaking legislation to make symptom-easing treatment more accessible. We’re joining forces with MP Carolyn Harris to lobby the government to make hormone replacement therapy free of NHS charges in England, to mirror the experience of those in Scotland and Wales where it’s free.

We know we have a lot to learn, that’s why every member of our Cult Concierge customer team will be trained by menopause expert Dr Shahzadi Harper, so they are equipped with the knowledge they need to provide beauty advice to people going through the menopause — a vital service that no other retailer in the UK currently offers.

As well as campaigning for free HRT with immediate effect, and urging parliament to vote, we ask the rest of the nation and businesses across the UK to join us in normalising the conversation and implementing long-term change in society too.

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