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Flipping the script on textured tresses, adwoa beauty dreams up kink-first formulas that are efficacious without being too heavy, greasy or watered down. Using her experience as a stylist and listening to voices of her community, founder Julian Addo creates elevated washday routines to get to the root cause of common curly and coily hair care concerns.


Aptly named after founder, Julian Addo’s traditional Ghanaian name, adwoa beauty is rooted in African diaspora. Catering for curly, coily and wavy tress types, the brand is on a mission to bring textured strands into the mainstream. Powered by plant-derived ingredients and practising scalp health for steady hair growth, the collection is formulated to provide an elevated wash day experience every day.


Mastering the art from her mother’s basement, Julian Addo started hair styling when she was just 14. Studying cosmetology in the 90s and constantly being surrounded with new and innovative looks on the streets of New York, she quickly discovered how the way you wore your locks was a big part of your identity. Heavily burdened by the unrealistic expression of natural beauty of multicultural people in the media, Julian created adwoa beauty to set the record straight.


Built around its ‘kinky first’ theory, adwoa beauty’s hair heroes are tested on the kinkiest hair types first – by this we mean coily, curly and wavy. Understanding that moisture is key for maintaining curl patterns and embracing your natural lengths, each formula is water-based and primed to quench your tresses’ thirst. The result? Soft, shiny and (most importantly) manageable strands.