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With the rise of beauty fans becoming more mindful about the choices they’re making, there’s been a worldwide shift in conscious, planet-friendly cosmetics and skin care. More than likely, you’ve heard of brands marketing themselves as vegan and cruelty-free, but do you know of any B Corporation companies?  

We sat down with Provenance Founder and CEO Jessi Baker MBE and chatted about what B Corp means, how brands achieve this certification, the impact on consumers and how it effects the environment? 

Cult Beauty: Hi, Jessi! Thanks so much for chatting with us! Can you explain what B Corp means? 

Jessi Baker: B Corporation is a certification offered by B Lab, an independent, non-governmental organisation. The certification assesses a company’s social and environmental performance, as well as its transparency and accountability. B Corp certification signals a business’ intention to keep purpose and impact at the core of the company. 

CB: Can a beauty brand only have a B Corp proof point or are other proof points that can be linked together? 

JB: Brands with B Corp Certifications can automatically surface this as a B Corp Proof Point in the customer journey. Brands can also share the great work they’ve done to achieve B Corp status by publishing additional, specific Proof Points. For example, paying a living wage is something that can get you points towards B Corp certification that you could also get a Proof Point for. 

CB: How do you determine whether a beauty brand falls under a B Corp proof point? 

JB: Our automation tool means we can check whether a brand is certified by B Corp directly from B Lab’s database, and then convert that information into a brand’s Proof Point. 

CB: How rigorous are the standards to be awarded a B Corp proof point? 

JB: So far there’s been no minimum criteria in place. In its current format, a company needs to score 80 points out of 200 on the B-assessment, which they can achieve in any way. B Corp is however currently updating its standard so that brands will be expected to meet a minimum standard against 9 core topics covering a broad range of impact. Its goal is that all brands should be able to articulate what it means to be a B Corp in a meaningful, impactful, and consistent way. 

CB: How do you determine the social impact of B Corp beauty brands? 

JB: All B Corps must share an impact report, so we’d recommend checking it out if you want to understand more about the company’s social initiatives. Also, lookout for what other Proof Points they have, as they’ll be a good indicator of what specific initiatives are in place at a company and supply chain level. 

CB: What does having a B Corp proof point mean to consumers? 

JB: The B Corp logo acts as a stamp of approval for businesses, showing consumers that they value society and the environment and want to be a force for good. By sharing this as a Proof Point on product pages, brands are increasing the visibility of B Corp status and helping consumers easily identify and shop brands that match their values. 

CB: We see that you have your own B-Assessment, can you talk us through how this works? 

JB: To certify as a B Corp, brands will need to score a minimum of 80 out of 200 on the B Impact Assessment, which evaluates their impact on various stakeholders and the environment. 

In practice, this means going through the assessment and answering a number of questions on your company, practices and operations. During the process, B Corp can then ask you for evidence for all the answers you provided, at the end of which they’ll validate your score. The certification is valid for three years, at which point you’ll have to go through the assessment again. Brands are expected to improve their score every time they re-certify, ensuring an ongoing commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices. 

Now we know what B Corp means, let’s delve into some of our B Corp approved beauty brands and find out exactly what actions they’ve taken to achieve this coveted certification… 

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Renowned for its high standards of social and environmental performance along with a transparency score of 93, ELEMIS celebrates its B Corp certification through committing to use its business as a force for good. Since its launch, the brand has been protecting and restoring biodiversity by moving to 100% renewable energy across all offices and warehouses. What’s more, it’s a living wage employer in both the UK and USA and works with farmers to improve its ingredients’ sourcing and traceability. And if that wasn’t enough, ELEMIS also partners with global charities such as Ocean Network, The Princess Trust and Look Good, Feel Better. 



Famed for its iconic retinols, serums, Medik8 is the dermatologist endorsed skin care brand focused on the transformative effects of vitamin C and vitamin A. With sustainability at its core, Medik8 has been awarded a B Corp Proof Point due to its commitment to planet positive initiatives. The brand has committed to achieve Net Zero by 2040 and has been measuring its carbon footprint since 2021. It has also signed the Climate Pledge, banned airfreight for inbound logistics, removed all fossil fuels from its operations and is 100% powered by renewable energy thanks to its innovative solar array. But that’s not all Medik8 has accomplished to be B Corp approved, removing unnecessary items such as spatulas and leaflets and using recycled glass where appropriate, Medik8 continuously reassess its packaging to make improvements where possible. Not only all of that, but it’s a certified Living Wage Employer who publishes an Impact report every year and audits 400+ ingredients mapping its supply chain for risks to biodiversity, water and deforestation too.  


Pai Skincare 

Dedicated to sensitive skin, Pai Skincare has developed a range of potent products that soothe irritation while plumping, refining and rehydrating. Proud to be a B Corp company, the brand is certified organic by the Soil Association/COSMOS. This approval means that Pai Skincare respects biodiversity, uses natural resources responsibly, encompasses 12 Green Chemistry principles and minimises impact to human health and contamination to the environment. Plus, also accredited by the Vegan Society, it’s Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free and has been awarded an ISO 22716 certification proving that it meets the international standards for manufacturing practices. As well as all that, Pai Skincare also understands that its business relies on its employees, so is a London Living Wage employer and has other perks from mental health aids to extended maternity leave. As such, in 2023 alone Pai donated over £73,000 to mental health organisations in the UK. 



Famed for its organic, hardworking skin care essentials, Weleda has been crafting products since 1921. Recognising the bond between nature and the human body, the brand has been a pioneer in the sustainability space thanks to its open-seed pollination strategy — created to maintain seed-diversity. It was also awarded a UEBT certification from the Union of Ethical BioTrade, for its commitment to people and biodiversity. Weleda carefully manages its resources, discloses the true cost of its raw materials and supports initiatives for healthy soils. 


Vintner’s Daughter 

Powered by its patented Phyto-Radiance Infusion to deliver deep hydration, moisture and nourishment to the skin, Vintner’s Daughter has been passionate about creating hardworking products while challenging its climate impact. Consistently striving to improve its carbon footprint, the brand’s philosophy is to create multi-beneficial products that deliver a myriad of advantages — therefore, producing fewer products. Each Vinter’s Daughter must-have is housed in sustainable packaging (from boxes made with 80% post-consumer recycled materials), printed with eco-friendly ink or stored exclusively in recyclable glass jars. The brand is also Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and donates 2% of every bottle sold to charitable organisations and non-profits. 


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The Nue Co. 

Redefining supplements and taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, The Nue Co. bridges the gap between human and planet health. Certified as plastic neutral, the brand’s packaging materials are currently 95% infinitely recyclable. Using glass jars for all its supplements and printed on with non-toxic ceramic ink, The Nue Co. has made huge strides to be as eco-friendly as possible. Along with the above, the shipping boxes used are also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved, ensuring sustainable production. Passionate about the planet, The Nue Co. has committed to three regeneration projects including Rainforest conservation in the Amazon, Reforestation of mangroves in Madagascar and reducing forest and biodiversity loss in the Mai Ndombe Forest in Congo.  


Those were just five B Corp approved beauty brands in our Cult Conscious line up, but why not explore more must-have products from the rest of our certified collection… 






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