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Your perfume speaks volumes about you. It heralds your arrival, prolongs your departure, can inspire adoration or provoke a dormant memory. It is the ultimate accessory, unseen, unforgettable and something unique to you, so let us help you find the perfect fit…

—– If you like {white linen, crisp cotton, seaside air and neutral tones} you’ll love ————————-

CB I Hate Perfume {WINTER 1972}

…which instantly evokes an untouched, frozen landscape; with bare trees silhouetted against a clear night sky and the sharp snap of twigs underfoot. ‘Sleeping earth’ is how creator Christopher Brosius describes this scent’s underlying grassiness; a refreshing heart which thrums beneath notes of ‘frozen forest’ and ‘falling snow’.

Miller Harris {CITRON CITRON}

…a bright, zesty fragrance that captures the joy of summer sunshine with its vibrant citrus top notes, fresh green heart & subtle, woody base. Think cloudless skies, crisp white cotton and ice cold gelatos as you drench yourself with Sicilian orange, lemon and lime, closely followed by the bright, freshness of green basil and cool mint.

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Laboratory Perfumes {GORSE}

Refreshingly modern yet romantic, Gorse conjures scenes of sunny, seaside holidays or lazy hours lounging in an English meadow. The olfactory equivalent of a Sophia Coppolla film, its crisp top notes & gorgeous, powdery dry-down are soft and feminine, while cardamom delivers a subtle, spicy burst to balance the sweetness. You can almost hear the bumblebees buzzing…

 Le Soft Perfume {ZAZOU}

Sparkling with clean, green and citrus top notes, this evokes the crispness of freshly washed linen. Cool, coquettish and vibrant, ‘Zazou’ makes the perfect accompaniment to a white shirt and your best-loved denim cut-offs, leaving the refreshing zing of Lemon, Cypress, Grapefruit and Neroli in your wake. Young and fun-loving, this perfume is perfect for channelling your inner ingénue, and is dinky enough to be popped in back pockets for a spot of sensory refreshment on your travels

——– If you like {peony roses, full skirts, e. e. cummings and black and white movies} you’ll love: ——


Infused with hints of gardenia, white exotic flowers: jasmine, tuberose, lily and clean, green cucumber to balance the florals, this spirit-lifting blend captures the irresistible fragrance of the tropics in all it’s sensual femininity. Perfect with a party frock.


Feminine with a subtle hint of sexiness (think a whisper of lace bra just visible from the neckline of your tea dress), this solid formula can be applied to pulse points, collar bones, ear lobes… and anywhere elsethat you wish to be kissed. Girly without being saccharine, ‘Striptease Flowers’ marries top notes of bergamot and mandarin with a warm heart of orange blossom and sensuous neroli that eventually gives way to the lingeringbase notes of patchouli, amber, caramel and vanilla

CB I Hate Perfume {7 BILLION HEARTS}

With exotic absolutes of both Tahitian and Madagascan vanilla, this surrounds the wearer with a warm, sweetsmokiness that whispers, never shouts. Evocative of the heady air of a paradise island, this resinous fragrance mellows from the first burst of sweetness to a lingering haze of comforting familiarity – close your eyes and youcan almost hear the soothing sound of the sea gently lapping the Madagascan shoreline.

Lubin Paris {GIN FIZZ}

A chic, sparkling, effervescent fragrance that evokes the 50s’ cult cocktail – the Gin Fizz – this opens with lemony top notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon and mandarin, slowly evolving into floral scents of iris, orange blossom, rose absolute and Turkish jasmine, before ending with a lingering base of lily, vetiver and oak moss. The epitome of ladylike chic, this scent was created for the beautiful Princess Grace of Monaco, in celebration of her Oscar nomination.

— If you like {leather jackets, indie boys and Debbie Harry} you’ll love —

Miller Harris {L’AIR DE RIEN}

Inspired by Jane Birkin, L’Air de Rien is unique, otherworldly and waywardly elegant. Imagine the scent of a crumbling stately home or a dense wooded forest and you begin to get a feel for the damp, dusty familiarity this fragrance exudes. Both vague and deliberate, evasive yet tangible it’s the 60s spirit distilled to an essence – fun, sexy and a little bit boozy


The perfect foil for the prettiest dress, this subversive scent smells invitingly intimate. Sexy and insouciant, this harks back to an age of whisky, smoking jackets and gentleman’s libraries, smouldering with a comforting warmth that smells equally alluring on men as on women. The perfect gift for the man in your life, give it to him and then wear it yourself – along with his favourite white shirt.

Le Soft Perfume {ROCK}

With a skin nourishing Shea Butter base, Le Soft Perfume in ‘Rock’ has a super sexy, androgynous quality that’s ideal for girls of a ‘rock chick’ persuasion. Mellow and earthy with a citrus-meets-spice rebelliousness, it’s the perfect olfactory partner to a beaten-up biker jacket and spray-on skinny jeans and is virtually guaranteed to attract the attention of a drummer, lead singer… or tambourine player.

Escentric Molecules {MOLECULE 02}

Consisting solely of Ambroxan – a synthetic version of the highly-prized (and highly-priced) Ambergris – this captures all the warm, musky sultriness of the real thing, to surround you with a sensual mineral smoothness. A unisex scent, that flatters both sexes, the unusual simplicity of this single-scent molecule fragrance causes comment wherever you go. If rock ‘n’ roll were bottled, we reckon it’d smell like this.

— If you like {red lips, red wine and Tarantino} you’ll love —


The signature scent of the über-chic Parisian Hotel de Costes, this perfume instantly conjures an impression of old-school opulence. A spicy opening of white pepper, coriander seed and oriental wood is softened with lavender, laurel and musk – which gives way to the ecclesiastical, incense base that’s balanced with a hint of soapy rose. A truly intoxicating spicy, woody scent, it’s like shrugging on a huge fur coat before a night on Parisian tiles.

Miller Harris {ROSE EN NOIR}

A gorgeous, ‘grown up’ floral for those who prefer their perfume with one or two thorns, it’s the perfect marriage of timeless elegance and edge – a fragrance worthy of Hollywood’s most beautiful femmes fatales, and the perfect accessory to deep red lipstick and your slinkiest little black dress. Capturing the darker, velvety character of the rose, Miller Harris’ Rose en Noir combines notes of Turkish Rose Damascena with spicy Black Pepper and Violet Leaf to successfully steer rose into sexier, smouldering territory.

CB I Hate Perfume {REVELATION}

With the warm woodiness of Wild Fig Tree, just close your eyes and inhale ‘Relevation’ to be carried woozily to a sultry evening in the southern Italian sunshine. Evoking the lazy, languid quality of afternoons in late summer, the heady scent of ripe fruit resonates with an earthiness; Cedar Wood and Cypress Wood balancing the sweet notes with a musky, church-like quality we think perfectly befitting a Sicilian belladonna.

 Le Soft Perfume {EMBALLE MOI…}Reassuring and uplifting, this warm musky fragrance will cocoon you in a comforting haze of bergamot, mandarin and pink peppercorn before mellowing to lingering base of amber, patchouli and almond, via raspberry, rose and sweet lily-of-the-valley.


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