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A lifestyle wide shot of three AUGUST&PIERS candles lit up on a wooden table top with a grey background in a studio setting.

Turning your space into a sanctuary, AUGUST&PIERS dreams up a covetable collection of home fragrances that celebrate individual characteristics in all their glory. Encouraging self-expression in its own weird and wonderful way, the brand’s bestsellers uplift our senses and spaces with its unique selection of spellbinding scents – and signature ceramic vessels.  

Intrigued? Us too… That’s why here at Cult Beauty we caught up with founders (and brothers), August and Piers Campbell to talk about all things AUGUST&PIERS… 


Born and bred in the UK, AUGUST&PIERS creates home fragrances built on its mantra ‘there is only one you’, which celebrates everyone’s individuality and honours the brilliance of all our quirks. “So, whoever you are and however you choose to express, the brand bows down and illuminates those unique differences.” explains August. “It’s our way of letting you know that you are recognised and appreciated for who you are.” adds Piers. Creating blissful blends that evoke characters, each alluring aroma represents a personality you may know, have or aspire to be – we’re talking everything from the Eccentric and Saint to the Libertine and Socialite. What’s more with each candle or diffuser housed in the brand’s renowned ceramic vase, the collection complements any interior – bedroom, living room and everything in between.    


The idea of what would later become AUGUST&PIERS started as a conversation over a family lunch. At the time, Piers had been working at a promotional merchandising agency and was developing a race track candle for Gran Turismo. This inspired him to think about creating a range of scented candles for himself.” says August. Upon hearing this, August suggested they team up, using their complementary skill sets to create a range of scented candles for the luxury market. “So, with Piers’ background in product and high-end lighting design and my experience working in the advertising and the design industry, we began our journey to developing our eponymous brand.” adds August. Launching in 2020 with four debut scents, today the brand is renowned for personifying the world of fragrances – and we couldn’t be more pleased.  

A wide shot of two AUGUST&PIERS candle arranged by coffee table books in a living room setting on a marble table top.


Thriving off the unexpected, the duo pride themselves on characterising fragrances, making them personal and commemorative. “While developing AUGUST&PIERS, we noticed a trend in how many brands tended to name their candles and scented products. They either choose to name the products after a key ingredient, which we found a bit expected, a location, which we felt was overdone, or an abstract memory, which we liked but didn’t always feel relatable.” expresses Piers. After many mind-mapping sessions, the brothers had their lightbulb moment when they stumbled across the idea of using character names instead. “It felt celebratory and relatable, with candles being one of the most popular products to gift and self-gift, and with no one else on the market doing it, we ran with it. The process always starts with the character name. We then decided which scents we associate with the character and brief our perfumer to bring this to life through fragrance.” says August.  


Where do we begin? With each fragrance family having a character of its own, the key to finding your favourite AUGUST&PIERS’ aroma is through uncovering which personality you’d like to acquaint yourself with. Not too sure which one to go for? Don’t worry, we’ve unpicked each character below so you can really get to know them – think of it as speed dating for scent.  


Character: is idolised and adored through its mesmerising and artistic talents.  

Fragrance family: amber 

Notes: top notes: lemon and bergamot; heart notes: geranium and labdanum; base notes: vanilla, benzoin and musk 


Character: enjoys being cherished and appreciates heartwarming moments. Its love language is words of affirmation.  

Fragrance family: floral and woody 

Notes: top notes: bergamot and rose; heart notes: violet and geranium; base notes: cedarwood 


Character: is trusting and always looks for the greater good in all aspects of life.  

Fragrance family: fruity  

Notes: top notes: orange and fig; heart notes: cassis and orange blossom; base notes: musk and woods 


Character: revels in its liberal ways and isn’t afraid to make risqué decisions. 

Fragrance family: woody 

Notes: top notes: smoke and birch; heart notes: cinnamon leaf and cedarwood; base notes: guaiac wood, oakmoss and patchouli 


Character: is always opulent and can be found at the most glamorous of gatherings, mingling and meeting new people.  

Fragrance family: fruity amber  

Notes: top notes: honey and aquatic notes; heart notes: pomegranate and musk; base notes: white woods and amber  


Character: is unconventional and unapologetic – embracing every personality to its full potential.  

Fragrance family: woody 

Notes: top notes: blood orange; heart notes: orange blossom and coffee; base notes: maple syrup and bourbon woods 

So, there you have it… now you have everything you need to know about AUGUST&PIERS, all that’s left to do is decide which character you’d like to get to know first! 


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Trifonia Asmar

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