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Why you should join the sex tech revolution

Last year (finally!), {sexual pleasure and wellness} products began to infiltrate the health and beauty space and they are fast becoming daily care necessities – vibrators are considered indispensable essentials, in line with our shampoo, our go-to cleanser and our moisturiser.

Since the nation went into lockdown, here at Cult Beauty we’ve seen a huge surge of interest in our female wellness category, with page views up by a staggering 80% when compared to last year.

Our {sex tech} products have been buzzing, too, with an average sales increase of 61% since March. But what are you loving the most? To showcase the products creating the biggest furore, we’ve rounded up those that are most in-demand since the middle of March, 2020.

Alongside this, we want to encourage women to embrace sexual wellness and be confident enough to celebrate the joy it brings. With that in mind, we’ve teamed with Dr Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy to tell us how sex tech can boost our moods, improve our confidence, and increase our sexual fulfilment.

The sex tech products with the biggest spikes in sales 

So, what’s creating the biggest buzz in the bedroom? Easily one of the simplest sex toys on the market, Zee is a discreet, unobtrusive bullet vibrator which can be used with a partner or enjoyed alone. Since March, sales of Zee have surged by 124% suggesting more women and couples are joining the party in search of their first toy.

The Romantic, from Smile Makers, has seen the second biggest surge in sales with an impressive increase of 78%. With over 70% of women revealing they struggle to climax from sexual intercourse alone, The Romantic is designed to whisk you away to that mind-blowing place with four speeds and three pulsation settings, to help you find the pleasure you desire.

Alongside Zee, Eva II is another discreet toy that’s seen a huge spike in sales, suggesting that we’re all looking for an on-the-go option that’s easily stashed in our handbags (oh là là). With its unique rounded shape, Eva II is hands-free, strap-free and harness-free, meaning it won’t interfere with proceedings during foreplay or intercourse.

Whilst sex toys make up the majority of our biggest sellers, there’s been a notable amount of interest in the Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer with a 33% increase in sales. Whether it’s due to intense sport, pregnancy, or childbirth, one in three women experience issues with their pelvic floor, and this revolutionary (and discreet) device is designed to help strengthen your muscles which helps to improves bladder control and sexual satisfaction. 

What the sexperts say

How can sex tech help boost your confidence and improve your wellbeing?

Whilst many of us think sex tech is just a bit of fun, there’s a wide variety of health benefits to gain from incorporating a new toy into your daily life. To find out just how it can help you, both in and out of the bedroom, we’ve teamed with Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, to reveal all…

An ambassador for sex tech, she explains how advances in modern technology are helping to improve the sex lives of the nation and shares her top tips for using toys to boost your mood, confidence, and wellbeing.

How is sexual satisfaction linked to a higher quality of life?

According to our expert, both men and women with higher levels of sexual satisfaction report a better quality of life, than those who report lower levels.

“Couples who are highly satisfied in their sex life, have stronger emotional intimacy, and a greater natural tolerance when it comes to dealing with the stresses and strains of modern life.

“The very act of sexual intercourse produces a large rise in levels of brain neurotransmitters, resulting in feelings of elation and happiness.”

She added: “Incorporating sex tech can heighten the overall experience, build self-confidence, and give individuals the tools to communicate, fulfil their sexual desires, and live happier lives.”

Can sex tech help improve satisfaction?

Oh, it definitely can. But how much happier can a vibrator really make you?

“In one 2009 US study involving 3,800 women aged 18-60, 52.5% reported using a vibrator. Those who used vibrators scored more highly on almost all aspects of sexual function, such as desire, arousal, pain lubrication and orgasm.

“The authors concluded that use of a vibrator was associated with positive health-seeking behaviour and had a positive effect on sexual function. They also commented that use of the vibrator was safe, and there were no adverse effects reported.”

So, to summarise, a fulfilling sex life keeps people happy and has a positive effect on mental health, and if a vibrator can help make it even more satisfying, why not give it a go?

Can it be used as a relaxation technique?

We all love to feel relaxed – so why not let sex tech help you find your ‘zen’? According to our expert, using a sex toy is a great way to unwind after a long hard day.

“Think about what happens when you have great sex. If that sex is fulfilling and satisfying, you become detached from the effects of daily stress on your mind and body. It’s like plugging-in your body for a physiological recharge.

“As you relax, your blood pressure falls, your heart rate slows, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol are also reduced. The happy hormones – adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin – are produced in great quantities. Oxytocin – the cuddle hormone – is released, making you feel warm and loved.”

But what about foreplay?

If you want to use your sex toy with a partner, you need to get familiar with foreplay. Dr Lee thinks this is the key to having a fulfilling orgasm, as your body needs time to become aroused before you get down to business.

“If you miss out on foreplay, you are missing out on so much! Your body has a learned behavioural pattern for sex, which leads to arousal, and subsequently to orgasm. It takes time for the physiological cues from foreplay, to be switched on.

“These processes are essential for sex to have a satisfying end-result. Lubricants, clitoral stimulants, penis enhancers, and vibrators can definitely spice-up the pre-game!”

How to be more confident about using sex tech

Taking about your sex toy can be difficult, after all, we’ve always kept it hidden at the back of the drawer in fear somebody might see it. However, we want to shun the stigma and encourage women to speak openly about the tricks and tools they use to have the most fulfilling sexual encounters.

If you struggle to speak openly, why not try listening to a sexy story to familiarise yourself with the language?

Our expert said: “Sex apps can definitely help. You can get in the mood with an app like Dipsea, by listening to erotic stories. If you have specific queries, a podcast can even tell you how best to have sex in the shower, or how to deal with sexual thoughts standing in the queue for coffee!”

If you’re looking for a new sex toy, or want to learn more about sexual wellness products, take a look at our exciting range.

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