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Skin Care for Hair? The New Wave of Treatments Will Transform Your Tresses

The new wave of hair care is sparking something of a ‘revolution’. It’s no longer enough to subject your tresses to a quick rinse with any old shampoo – instead, the latest ranges boast a cocktail of the finest, skin care-worthy extracts: the kind of ingredients you’d expect to see listed on your go-to night cream or favourite face cleanser… not a bottle of lowly hair wash.

Companies are beginning to recognise the importance of scalp health. Often neglected and somewhat taboo (there’s nothing glamorous about a healthy scalp), we’re seeing an increase in ranges which promise to respect follicular wellbeing. After all, it makes sense that a happy scalp results in happy hair, which begs the question… why has it taken this long?

Called {Cuvée} because it boasts the créme de la créme of extracts to ‘feed’ follicles and stimulate repair, every single product in the range includes the proprietary ‘Cuvèe Complex’ – a blend of champagne, white truffle and platinum extracts, alongside plant proteins, resveratrol and ceramides – to detoxify scalp, strengthen hair fibres and ward against the damage wrought by everyday exposure to pollutants.


Fresh from Caiforn-I-A, Garrett Markeson’s eco-luxe hair care range {REVERIE} is formulated with ethically-sourced botanicals to infuse stressed-out strands with precious moisture and much-needed nourishment. With marula oil, sustainably-derived squalene (a natural moisturising powerhouse) and rare crambe abyssinica (an intense but non-greasy seed oil that helps to seal cuticles and minimise breakage), the {EVER Recovery Oil} is the ultimate indulgence for compromised lengths – and its completely free from synthetics.


Pioneering the natural hair care movement, Leonor Greyl’s to-die-for formulations are jam-packed with pure, proven ingredients to stimulate hair health and ward against breakage. Hair care powerhouses, the incredible {L’Huile de Leonor Greyl} treatment is the ultimate addition to your mane maintenance arsenal; a pre-shampoo ‘mask’, the intensive elixir is readily absorbed to fortify fragile or compromised tresses. And for the ultimate indulgence, look no further than their {Masque Quintessence} – a rehabilitative cocktail of cutting-edge extracts, which harnesses time-release technology to keep hair soft and hydrated.


And {Living Proof’s} bestselling ‘Healthy Hair’ range is the result of painstaking trichological research. The brand’s signature ‘Healthy Hair Molecule’ (OFPMA) behaves like a ‘force field’ between strands and the elements, deflecting pollutants and repelling dirt to not only prevent damage but also, help hair remain cleaner for longer. And the science lesson doesn’t stop there… the proprietary PBAE technology in their ‘Full’ range creates lasting volume from one wash to the next. By depositing ‘thickening dots’ along the hair shaft, it behaves like the ‘hyaluronic acid’ of hair – creating flexible ‘space’ between strands so your locks appear luscious.



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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