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Mix Up Your Make Menu With Beauty Bakerie

Sweet but never saccharine, Beauty Bakerie’s cute ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ aesthetic belies serious stay-put prowess. Consider this the ultimate (guilt-free) indulgence for all sweet-toothed beauty junkies. Created by Cashmere Nicole – a fledgling entrepreneur who strove to combine her artistic talents with her passion for make up – {Beauty Bakerie} is testament to her personal vision and determination; proof that cosmetics can be both high-performance and playful, while representing her belief that ‘sweetness’ should be nurtured.

To Cashmere, there is nothing wrong with having a sweet, gentle nature – it’s all about finding the perfect balance between ‘firm’ and ‘graceful’ – an ethos she so effortlessly upholds.

{Cult Beauty} When and how did the idea for Beauty Bakerie take hold?

{Cashmere Nicole} Having an artistic nature, {Beauty Bakerie} was an extension of prior passions that were, it’s fair to say, a bit more easy-come-easy-go. This was the only thing I doggedly pursued within the realm of arts; I loved it, couldn’t walk away from it and stayed committed. I wanted to create a brand that contradicted the popular ‘bad girl’ persona the mainstream was pedalling – to show girls that there’s nothing wrong with upholding a sweet and friendly nature.

{CB} What’s your earliest make up memory?

{CN} My earliest make up memory was preparing for my first day of kindergarten. My mom was sleeping and I’d gotten into her make up bag. After I’d applied her red lipstick unevenly around my lips, I told her I was “All ready!”. She removed my lip art (sadly) but we still laugh about it.

{CB} What aspect of the range are you most proud of?

{CN} I’m most proud of the branding. I always felt as if I needed to tread lightly; that a bakery theme within the make up industry could be perceived as corny. I wanted to be honest with myself and make sure that I didn’t put out anything I wouldn’t buy. I’m my own harshest critic and demand a lot from myself when it comes to the creative direction.

{CB} What is it that makes the Beauty Bakerie range so unique do you think?

{CN} It has everything one would want: it’s pigmented, it’s long lasting, it’s comfortable to wear and you FEEL great supporting a brand that reminds you to be better in all aspects of life, and to do so while thinking of others.

{CB} Tell us about your innovative Lip Whips – how long did it take to develop that stay-put colour?

{CN} The {Lip Whips} are said to be revolutionary and I’d agree. We had the Cake Pop Lippie line which was your traditional matte lipstick… and I loved them so much but soon found that my love for them was conditional. I didn’t love them as much when there were remnants on my straw, on my food or fork. I found that I was applying them before work, removing it before breakfast, reapplying it after breakfast, eating with it on through lunch, touching THAT up and it just started to become a chore for me. I wanted a lipstick that didn’t require so much maintenance.

{CB} Where does your inspiration for the colours and shade names come from?

{CN} I would go jogging and there were so many beautiful flowers that would inspire colours that I’d later release. The names come from being inspired by nature, art, or pastries as I have a serious sweet tooth. I love candy!

{CB} You’ve created some dazzling shades… do you think people are becoming more daring with their make up?

{CN} Absolutely! People are beginning to feel liberated and confident in what works for them and what doesn’t, while others are learning to accept their truths. You know, I remember caring to a degree what someone felt I should or should not wear, what I should or should not do with my hair… freeing yourself from all that others project upon you is the closest you’ll become to being YOU.

{CB} Which products do you like to wear from the range?

{CN} Well, I’m a brow girl before I’m anything. My natural brows are very thin and sparse so I really love our {BROWnies}. I usually go for BROWnies in ‘Brown’ for a very natural look or I’ll use our {GELato} in ‘Cioccolato’ for something a bit more defined. When it comes to {Lip Whips}, gosh… I always tell people that I have 23 favorites! I do, I will wear any colour.

{CB} Favourite beauty tip?

{CN} Drink WATER! I can’t stress this enough. Drinking water hydrates our lips and skin and can play a role in how a product performs for you. If your lips are always chapped, ask yourself, “Have I been drinking eight glasses of water each day?” If the answer is no, give it a try and you’ll soon see a difference. Water is the only way to guarantee a gorgeous, healthy glow and plumped-up, dewy skin (and lips)!

{CB} And lastly, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

{CN} It was from my mother. She once told me to follow my heart. It’s all I’ve done and all I know to do, so please know that anything we do and any product we put out is the result of me listenin’ to my mama.


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