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Foreo Luna Sonic Cleanser

This is sonic cleansing 2.0! I was first in line when the Clarisonic finally came to the UK, but it now languishes in a bottom draw awaiting a replacement brush head that’s I’ve not got round to buying. Clarisonic is a great little machine but I found it a bit harsh for my skin and I’ve fallen in love with {Foreo}.

When researching this product I very much enjoyed journalists deftly sidestepping the fact that this looks like an expensive sex toy – we love a mulit-tasking product at Cult Beauty… But I think the fantastic cleansing and anti-ageing action with persuade most to keep theirs in their bathroom.

I have a {Luna Mini} in grey. I love that you get 150 uses from one charge, the easy-clean, hygienic nature of the silicone and that you don’t have to replace anything monthly to use it. But the best bit is the lovely massage, the sonic pulses are just right, they don’t tickle my nose but they do stimulate micro-circulation enough to leave my face looking plump and healthy, as well as properly cleansed.

Three things to note about Foreo: take all of your make up before using it otherwise you will end up pushing it into your pores, don’t use a cleanser with clay or exfoliating balls as this will be too harsh for your skin and lastly don’t use cleansing products that contain silicone – this can affect the quality of the nodules. Here’s a good how to use video below:

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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