Bright eyes…burning like fire!

I will forever associate bright eyes with Art Garfunkel and Watership Down – all those terrifying rabbits frothing at the mouth and keeping me and my contemporaries awake at night. (Whoever thought that film was a good idea has never met small children)… However, a blossoming surgical technique could be just the thing to rid me of my nightmares, or at least banish the sleepless blood-shot aftermath. 

First developed 13 years ago by a doctor in Korea, this eye brightening technique is just beginning to hit the mainstream. Blood-shot eyes are not only unattractive and ageing, they’re also a tell-tale sign that you’ve been up to no good (a breath mint won’t counteract these bad boys). 

Luckily, with a little help from your friendly neighborhood eye clinic, no-one need ever know about that fourth shot of tequila, as you waltz into work with brilliant white peepers. 

The surgery takes between five and twenty minutes per eye and basically involves peeling your eyeball like a grape (yuk!). This removes the outer membrane that contains those all too delicate veins and capillaries, and encourages a new, clear membrane to grow in its’ place. 

Personally, I think I’ll stick to the old eye drops (the thought of having my eyeballs “peeled” scares me more than the rabbits). But, if you’re made of sterner stuff and are a chronic sufferer of discolouration, this could be an avenue that’s well worth exploring. So far, approximately 13,000 procedures have been successfully carried out in LA, and where Beverly Hills leads…the rest of the world follows. See below video for some before and afters. 

Coming soon to a clinic near you. Keep your eyes peeled. (HA!)

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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