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Roloxin: Before & After

Roloxin Before & After

In the US, there’s the beginnings of a buzz around {Roloxin} – the miraculous, 7-minute lifting treatment that’s beloved by clued-up American women, who’re obsessed with its (virtually) instant effects. And, as our buyers are eagle-eyed (and eared) when it comes to unearthing the soon-to-be-hottest new beauty discoveries, we’re several steps ahead of the hordes.

Each individual sachet contains an innovative, patented formula, which you must ‘activate’ by massaging the sachet for 20 seconds prior to application. You can feel the consistency change from a paste to a liquid – which indicates that the contents are ready to work their skin-firming and tightening miracles.

Roloxin - Instant Smoothing Masque - Review

Slightly dampen your skin and apply the liquid all over your face and neck – taking care not to stray too close to your eyes. As the mask dries, it transforms from a liquid to pale blue powdery texture – depositing a ‘mesh’ of hydrophilic and hydrophobic (water-loving and loathing) silica particles on skin’s surface.

This matrix of molecules ‘shrinks’ as the mask dries – lifting skin and diminishing visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and under-eye bags. The effects – seen above on our Co-Founder Alexia – are rather staggering. Within less than 10 minutes, the breakthrough {Instant Smoothing Masque} has made a visible improvement to the depth of Alexia’s creases – smoothing and plumping the eye area, while revitalising the tone and texture of her complexion.

What’s more, the results last for up to 24 hours, and in clinical trials, 95% of particpants (aged 35 – 65) reported a reduction in the depth of furrows, while the same group of women also noted a dramatic improvement in skin texture, diminished visibility of pores and a general ‘lifted’ effect.


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