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    Emma Hardie
    Emma Hardie
    In 1996, Emma Hardie born in Oxford, UK introduced her unique non-invasive Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial to rave reviews from the beauty press and celebrity clients. So much has been written in praise of her work because she delivers a firmer, plumper skin without harsh ingredients or invasive techniques. Emma's goal was to end the search for a "miracle in a bottle" by focusing on natural alternatives which make the skin itself more resilient to the passage of time. Emma's passion and personal commitment to advancing new radical approaches in the field of alternative health developed from her own experiences during a long and debilitating period of illness which left her with a serious loss of muscle tone. Choosing to forge her own, naturally-minded path back to wellbeing, she healed and rejuvenated not just her body, but also her face using nothing more than her body's own self-healing process. Inspired by her completely restored health and her renewed, lifted and reshaped facial contours, Emma retrained as an aesthetician specialising in Aromatherapy and restorative health and beauty and went on to research the factual science behind cell healing. Since the introduction of her ground-breaking, highly acclaimed Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial, Emma's mission has been to teach the practice of skin healing-rejuvenation and empower others to help look after their skin via highly informative FaceFacts Workshops which teach her skin-lifting and body healing techniques, demonstrating self-practice techniques to maintain a younger looking skin, naturally, and safely. Emma's enthusiasm, knowledge and passion is reflected in her regular and popular store appearances, industry events, and TV. Having pioneered this new approach to skin and muscle rejuvenation, Emma is now one of the most highly regarded and sought-after skincare experts in Europe. Her advice and insights are regularly quoted throughout the media and receives glowing endorsements from a host of leading beauty editors, business moguls and celebrities. Emma's beauty clinic can be found at the prestigious Michaeljohn of Mayfair, London, W1. In September 2009, Emma introduced her award-winning Amazing Face skincare system, a complete, natural, facial rejuvenation collection, a simple, effective daily facial for your skin. Designed to help instantly smooth and lift tired stressed skin, Amazing Face is Emma's capsule skincare system of multi-tasking daily essentials. It combines her passion for the benefits of targeted, natural botanicals with an in-depth knowledge of the skin’s anatomy gleaned from being one of the UK's pioneering facial specialists. The result? A visibly more youthful, vibrant looking skin.
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