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Natural, organic and lovingly made in England, MOA (that stands for Magic Organic Apothecary, FYI) blends enchanting herbs with skin-forward know-how to create delicious lotions and potions that work to heal, repair and add a sprinkle of magic to your skin care rituals. The brand’s hero herb – yarrow (or achillea millefolium) – is shrouded in tales of folklore, accrediting the herb with mysterious and miraculous reparative powers. Named after Achilles – a hero in Greek mythology – yarrow (as legend would have it) was used to heal his soldiers’ wounds after battle. With this in mind, MOA carefully selects its herbal extracts and botanical ingredients to enhance and inspire a simple yet effective routine for happy, healthy skin. Created mindfully and consciously, the brand has long grown up since its breakthrough launch with The Green Balm (the ultimate cure-all, calm-all product), now boasting an entire soul-soothing resume of body and face heroes.

MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary

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