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    NatureLab TokyoPerfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub<p>An invigorating, build-up-eliminating exfoliant, NatureLab TOKYO&#8217;s Perfect Shine Clarifying Scrub is a 3-in-1 treatment that gently clears shine-dulling debris while leaving your scalp feeling fresh (and flake free!). </p><p>Clearing your head (and your headspace), this lightly-foaming scrub boasts sugar crystals to exfoliate dead cells and clear the debris that accumulates and compromises volume, alongside probiotic sake water (to feed your scalp&#8217;s natural flora and fauna which helps to maintain equilibrium) and strand-plumping hyaluronic acid (it absorbs up to 1000 times it own weight in water). A once-a-week &#8216;MOT&#8217; to boost &#8216;oomph&#8217; and help stimulate follicles, this heavenly spa-in-a-jar has a delicate perfume of almond and violet (<em>without</em> and parabens, sulphates or cruelty). Sufficiently gentle for bleached, coloured or chemically treated hair, this scrub is a must if you&#8217;ve misplaced your radiance&#8230;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>NTL004206958191740240155 stars, based on103 reviews 19.60Cult BeautyNew

    NatureLab Tokyo
    Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub
    ( 230g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Marrying traditional Japanese beauty rituals with future-forward clean technology, NatureLab TOKYO’s founder – Rosa Tagaki – has created an easy-to-navigate line of phenomenal hair care to cherish the scalp and support healthy growth from the source. ‘Skin care for hair’, this mane-changing range harnesses nutrient-rich plant stem cells to enhance follicular wellbeing and transform your tresses with supercharged (sustainably sourced!) plant-derived actives that fortify, heal and encourage your hair to achieve its head-turning potential…

    • Description

      An invigorating, build-up-eliminating exfoliant, NatureLab TOKYO’s Perfect Shine Clarifying Scrub is a 3-in-1 treatment that gently clears shine-dulling debris while leaving your scalp feeling fresh (and flake free!).

      Clearing your head (and your headspace), this lightly-foaming scrub boasts sugar crystals to exfoliate dead cells and clear the debris that accumulates and compromises volume, alongside probiotic sake water (to feed your scalp’s natural flora and fauna which helps to maintain equilibrium) and strand-plumping hyaluronic acid (it absorbs up to 1000 times it own weight in water). A once-a-week ‘MOT’ to boost ‘oomph’ and help stimulate follicles, this heavenly spa-in-a-jar has a delicate perfume of almond and violet (without and parabens, sulphates or cruelty). Sufficiently gentle for bleached, coloured or chemically treated hair, this scrub is a must if you’ve misplaced your radiance…   

    • How to use

      Once a week, in lieu of Shine Shampoo, apply scrub on damp hair from roots to ends using circular motions to stimulate scalp and eliminate debris.

      Rinse thoroughly and follow with Perfect Shine Conditioner.

    • Full ingredients list

      Sucrose, Glycerin, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamide Mea, Glycol Distearate, Aqua (Eau, Water), Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Saccharomyces/Rice Ferment Filtrate, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract, Argania Spinosa Callus Culture Extract, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Glutamic Acid, Sodium Pca, Hydrolyzed Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed, Platinum Powder, Trigonella Foenum- Graecum Hydroxpropyltrimonium Chloride, Locust Bean Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate, Prunus Domestica Seed Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Lupinus Albus Seed Oil, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Oil, Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter, Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil, Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Argan Oil Polyglyceryl - 6 Esters, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Propanediol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Butylene Glycol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Isomalt, Xanthan Gum, Polysorbate 80, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Trisodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Lecithin, Bht, Sodium Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance.

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    NatureLab Tokyo - Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub

    NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub Reviews

    Works great
    Got this scrub as a sample size in the conscious bag and I'm impressed and going to buy the full size. Works great, the best from any scalp scrubs I have ever used. It leaves my hair a bit oily, so I need to go with shampoo afterward but works great for the cleanliness of the scalp and that's what matters.
    Excellent product
    I really like this. It’s thick and creamy and I do feel my hair and scalp are really well cleansed after using it. I liked it so much I bought one for my sister who has been experiencing some scalp irritation. Would highly recommend.
    Good for too much cosmetics in hair
    I use it when my hair is stuffed with too much cosmetics - hair mousse, hairspray. It has a nice smell, makes a good foam, and leaves hair clean. But that's it, don't expect a miracle.
    Really good
    I really enjoy this as I suffer with getting a lot of build up and oily hair - I find that it hasn’t made any long term effect on my scalp ( if I stop using it for a little too long it all comes back ) but it makes my hair last longer without needing a wash. It also lathers really nicely for a scrub - it’s a strange almost putty like consistency but works great as you can place it more where you need it without it just running into your hair!
    Less oily!
    I didn't realise I had so much buildup but this left my scalp so fresh and renewed after 2 uses the itching was gone, my hair is less greasy and a little goes a long way so I think its a steal. if you use a lot of styling products and powders, use this for sure!
    bad hair day who??
    Leaves my scalp clean and hair soft. Also It smells divine! I love it! Will repurchase.
    I have thin, grease prone hair and also a problematic scalp, so when I got a sample of this I was very excited to give it a go! When using it, I found the texture so lovely and it smelt great! It starts off as a think scrub but when you massage it in, it lathers up so much! I have found that my scalp has improved a little and my hair is super soft! I will be buying again.
    This product is so fab! I use it once a week or if my hair is extra greasy and it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft! It lathers into such a thick creamy foam and smells divine! I just love it.
    so yummy!
    I was worried this would strip my hair but omg it actually made my hair so soft?? I use it once a week and I get so tempted to chew it lol the texture is like toffee and it smells so sweet. It does a good job in getting rid of most of the build up (not all, I don’t think any scalp scrub can) without drying out my hair.
    Tried the sample and came back for more!
    Tried a mini sample of this a few months ago. Completely forgot about it until recently, my scalps been flakey and quite sore and this popped into mind. Bought it and used it yesterday and today my hair feels amazing. I have quite thick naturally wavey/dry hair so I was surprised I only had to use this once rather than my usual 2x shampoo and condition. You do have to work it in a bit and it does feel weird but it’s so worth it. For the price also you really can’t go wrong!
    Great product. My scalp is not flaky anymore and my thin hair doesn’t get oily so quickly.
    Felt like resetting the start button for my hair
    It gave me a hairdressers type of clean hair feeling and was really nice to massage the scrub bits on my scalp will be buying a full size (I got a sample in a goody bag)
    Great clarifying product
    I used this after I had shampooed my hair, as a clarifying treatment. I was expecting this to feel like a scrub on the scalp but to my surprise it kind of ''melted'' in and foamed really well and was still was a great clarifying product. My hair felt completely free of build-up after. Great scent too. Not drying.
    Great scrub
    This scrub is amazing, foams well and smells great. My hair is coloured and although lockdown has reduced my hair appointments, the colour is vibrant and my scalp feels good. My hair is looking and feeling better than it has in a long time and this is the only new product I have introduced, so it must be because of it!
    Why does this have such good reviews???
    I'm so confused by the reviews on this. I have tried it for a couple of weeks now and every time it made my hair feel dried out and 'squeaky' clean but still left flakes on my scalp. Also, it burns like crazy if it gets in your eyes. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the Sunday Riley Clean Rinse but it's a million times better so recommend that over this if you want to remove build-up.
    Like this!
    My scalp is sensitive, sometimes dry. After using this scrub my scalp feels so clean, with no irritation. The smell is also gentle. Absolutely like and will order in future.
    Super shiny!
    I can no longer go without a scalp scrub after using this product. It feels amazing to massage into my scalp and makes my hair super shiny! It smells great and you only need a tiny bit so it lasts a long time. It just makes my scalp and hair feel so clean and I don't find it's drying on my hair even though my hair is bleached. Definitely repurchasing!
    Best scrub ever!!
    I have a very oily scalp and suffer from dandruff issue as well. I was in search of a good scrub (I used to use body shop Himalayan scrub wasn't that good made my hair dry and the scrub particles were hard and quite big) so I read the reviews based on that I tried this brand Nature lab Tokyo & bought this scrub, My God, it is such a mild scrub and with small particles cleanses my scalp really well plus I got rid of dandruff problem as well. Will keep using this for sure.
    I use this every week after my hair has a lot of buildup and it does an amazing job removing it. It lathers so well, and a little goes a long wayy. I used this for 3 months now and it still looks full, its definitely worth itt.
    Amazing product
    It smells amazing, foams easily, and makes my hair and scalp feel so clean and soft. I absolutely love it.
    Liked it a lot!
    I use it once a week, I have a dry itchy scalp, surprisingly works well for me, cleanses my scalp and I have fewer flakes after it. I would recommend it if you want to deepen your hair cleaning, but be gentle, massage with love.
    Hair falls
    It smells good, and it feels good when applying it but it is WAY too aggressive. I have fine hair, and I used to have close to zero hair fall when I shampooed. I tried this product three times to give it a go. Lumps of hair falling. I was so shocked. Will not use again. Would not recommend.
    With my curly hair and psoriasis I’m always playing a balancing game between hair & scalp. This felt so clarifying without leaving my hair super dry or brittle it felt amazing lifting away any buildup from my scalp and roots and really helped with any itching. My only thing to flag is don’t be too abrasive/ This has lovely large crystals that begin to dissolve and shrink slightly into a lather to easily spread across the scalp, your fingers are there to massage and spread it but the temptation to over exfoliate is there so let the product do all the work.
    I have a sensitive scalp that flares up with psoriasis and after using this my scalp felt super refreshed but not dried out at all, like some other products can do. Nice texture and smell and don't need a lot as it foams up really well. Will be buying again.
    I tend to get dry itchy scalp around this time of year and have been trying to find something that might help. Have only just got this, and have tried it only once, but really liked it. It's a thick paste-like consistency with a really nice, but not overpowering smell. Once it's placed on your wet hair it feels grainier, like a body scrub for your scalp, and lathers up nicely, leaving hair very soft and squeaky clean. Would definitely recommend it.
    Magic in a tub
    I read and reread the ingredients and reviews and don't know what exactly is in there but my scalp has felt super healthy and clean..but not stripped. Since I've started using it, I feel my hair oils penetrate better and I'm seeing more results out of my other hair products. Does what it says and is very reasonably priced too as you need just the tiniest amount for your whole scalp. And smells amazing too..very pleased I bought this.
    Not for me
    Kinda gave an electric shock to my hair, gave me frizzes, not for my scalp.
    Great product
    Great fragrance, texture and result. Definitely a must have.
    Sensitive scalp
    It made my scalp more sensitive. Was not soft on it. At times I use it to remove the sebum on it . Would not go for it next time.
    Great results
    Thought I'd try a new range of hair care as my hair was getting me down. I coloured it red/purple and conscious that products may strip it. Not this one, if anything it really made my plum coloured hair stand out and look healthy. It gave shine and made it look so healthy and smooth. My scalp felt refreshed and all traces of colour left on my scalp had disappeared. I got my husband to try it who suffers with flaked on his scalp (not dandruff) and his scalp was clear and made his hair look amazing, his hair is bleached, he got complements the next day at work. I gave a 4 star as I felt my hair had got greasy quicker than it would normally, maybe because it's fine and the product is quite thick
    Fun Surprise
    Surprised by the thick lather - left my scalp feeling fresh and my hair clean and soft. Didn't leave my hair dry, brittle or tangled.
    Makes my scalp itchy
    I have very long hair and wanted something for my oily scalp. I really wanted to like it since it has this nice, briney smell like you are in the ocean. But my scalp feels itchy and oily Right after using this both times that there is no way I can finish the entire tub. Good thing I just got the small tub as a sample. What a waste.
    No result
    Maybe I did something wrong, but I used the scrub 5 times and no difference. Also it foams well and has a good smell.
    Gets rid of flakes but difficult on thick hair
    I get very visible flakes around my hair line and so after numerous shampoos I decide to try a scrub. I think I need to work on my distribution strategy because I have such thick hair that I don’t think I really managed to get into a lot of places but did a run my hairline. Flakes are on but itch does remain which is a shame so knocked off 1 star for that.
    Results first time
    The best product. You only need to use a small amount. Instantly after the first use my hair was shiny without being heavy or greasy. A must have product. Will buy again!
    A MUST
    This is AMAZING. A little goes a looooooooooong way. Have had this for 2-3 months and I'm not even halfway! I wouldn't use this every day however, more like once a week for a scalp detox. My hair is SO SHINY. Did I say that? So shiny and feels clean but not dry, or stripped from its natural goodness. Definitely a great dupe for the GOOP scalp scrub if you are on a budget. Wink, wink.
    Worth the price
    I had problems with flaky scalp since I remember but I never heard about a scalp scrub before. It's my first one and I'm really liking it. It leaves my hair feeling fresh and helped me a lot with the itchiness that I struggled with before. My hair is also smelling a lot better! The only downside is that it's quite hard to apply. I have quite thick hair and the product is foaming quite quickly. I could have expected that from a product created with sugar (this part I love because it's a lot safer for the environment!) but because it's quite a thick paste I need to use quite a lot to make it actually work.
    Pure love!!
    I happen to know about this product accidentally while I was searching for other products. Before this, I was only aware of body scrubs but hair scrubs? That was something new and really interesting for me. Also, I was looking for something for my hair and scalp it really urged me to try this. And just after first wash I can really see the difference. Not only it smells good, after wash my scalp feels really clean. I love how it lathers up well and the way it feels. I usually scrub my scalp and then the conditioner followed by naturelab smooth hair oil. And the end result is just amazing! Surprisingly even my husband noticed the difference and complicated me.
    This product works so well. A little products lathers up a lot & gives a shine and cleanliness to your hair Loving it
    Doesn't scrub
    Smells lovely, but doesn't scrub. Just very foamy.
    Super scalp scrub!
    I bought this to help with build-up on my scalp & oily certainly worked on both! Great product & at a fab price!
    I thought I'd use the time during lock-down to give my hair some TLC, and had heard that scalp scrubs were a good step to add into your routine, so thought I'd give this a go. I use it once a week and the results are brilliant! The product is lovely to use - smells amazing and works up into the foamy-ist, bubbly-ist lather ever! Washes out easily and leaves hair feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. Would definitely recommend to others to add to their hair care routines.
    I like it
    This is my very first experience with a scalp scrub. I like how my hair looks clean and shiny after using the product. I cannot say that I love the smell of the product. In my opinion, it could be a bit more intense.
    I love using a scalp scrub on a weekly basis. As I use quite a lot of dry shampoo during the week I feel like a good scalp scrub gets rid of a lot of product build up at the root. Some scrubs can be quite gritty and difficult to wash out of your hair, however, what I really liked about this one was how it lathers after around 10 seconds of massaging this into your scalp, making it so easy to wash out! I have really been enjoying using this product and I'll definitely be trying out some more from this range.
    Love this!
    The formula of this is really nice - gritty at first for scrubbing and with water it turns really creamy And foamy. My hair was left squeaky clean but not dry. Also, the smell is SO nice! I can’t say it’s helped my dermatitis as such but it’s not made it worse. Maybe with time? Either way, I’d purchase this again for sure!
    This is the first scalp scrub I’ve ever used and only tried it due to the amazing reviews. I’ve used it twice and can already see a difference in my hair! The smell is absolutely divine and it lathers so nicely which makes it super easy to distribute through your hair. My scalp is no longer itchy/irritated and it has quickly become a staple in my hair care routine, a must-buy!
    Great product.
    I received it as a sample and I loved it!! I want to buy the full size product but it’s been sold out for weeks.. in the meantime I had to go for a similar product more expensive (double the price) that I also like a lot, but wouldn’t say it’s better than this one. A scrub +shampoo is now a favourite of mine. hair is clean (no residue of product) and super shiny after. If you sometimes have shampoo still on your hair after you wash it I recommend this products as that won’t happen.
    This is amazing!
    When I used this I had a sore dry flakey scalp from a hair product that irritated me. Since I've used this my scalp has calmed right down and the flakey ness has gone to! Great product
    Pleasantly surprised
    I got a sample on a CB goodie bag and decided to try this without ever hearing anything about it, and so, not knowing what to expect. I was really surprised by everything: the lathering, the smell, the calm my itchy scalp felt afterwards. I love it and I will definitely buy the full size when it is back in stock.
    I’ve been wanting to try this ever since they started selling this at CB but whenever I try to buy this its always OOS, that's why I'm so happy when I got this from the goody bag. I have thick hair and my hair is always greasy if I don't wash it every day and I must say that I fell in love with this product. My hair smells like a baby after using it. Please restock this ASAP because I ran out of it :((((((
    I love this stuff! It feels like a regular scrub but lathers up and melts so nicely once you start rubbing it on your scalp. So good! Leaves my hair nice and shiny.
    The missing step in your hair care routine
    I'm new to the concept of a scalp scrub, this is the second one I have used and I am wondering why it took me so long. I have a troubled scalp and this scrub gently removes all build up and flaky cells. The texture and smell are delightful and my scalp feels primed and ready to absorb all the goodness from the NatureLab mask (which will get its own review as that too is a joy). It's a yes from me.
    Smells amazing, great lather
    Great bang for your buck - seems like it won't last long, but you really don't need a whole lot of product as it foams up pretty well and leaves scalp feeling refreshed. Might want to use up some more conditioner or a hair mask afterward though. Haven't used it for a long time, so a little hesitant to give it the full 5.
    Wonderful, A little goes a long way
    I always felt my scalp was flaky and icky but now it doesn't feel like that! I use a tiny amount each time so I think the tub is good value for money.
    I’ve just used this product for the first time and it’s amazing! My scalp has been driving me crazy but after only one use my scalp and hair feel so clean and refreshed. You also don’t need a lot of this product. Definitely buying this again.
    I’ve only used this product twice but it’s already done such a good job. I have scalp eczema so I bought this product hoping it would help especially after reading all the positive reviews and I’m happy that it has and it also smells great!
    Just fabulous!
    This product is so good I’m back for more! If you’re a frequent dry shampoo user like me then you need this scrub in your life. It smells utterly divine and leaves your hair squeaky clean, silky smooth and hydrated.
    Only the best
    Tried a sample, and loved it, went on to buy it and the shine shampoo and conditioner as well (great packaging you won’t want to hide away either), and it’s cruelty-free!
    Got this as a sample
    and I absolutely loved it. I use it once a week on the weekend and my hair feels absolutely incredible afterwards. I dont have to wash it for at least 3 days and I normally wash it every day or every other. A really fab product and a little goes a long way. Coming back for the full size.
    Really Nice
    It is really nice to use once or twice a week. The trick is to wet your hair and product before use and allow it to emulsify.
    No more oil build up
    I received this in the goody bag as a sample. I never tried it for weeks but decided to give it a go. I’m extremely impressed at how my hair stayed cleaner and fresh for an extra day, I was even able to use a leave in treatment without it becoming too oily. Very impressed. Will definitely purchase the full size.
    My first scalp scrub
    Got this in Goody Bag, didn’t have big expectations, now I love it! Definitely will buy full size.
    Best for flaky scalp
    It's a good product for oily, itch and flaky scalp. I have used it twice and seen good results the itching has reduced and the white flakes disappeared after using it twice.
    feel comfortable
    I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis in my hair and after using this product my hair scalp feel so clean and calm and my hair shine. It became my favourite hair product after one use
    Lovely hair treat!
    This has a lovely delicate scent. Easy to use. Doesn’t stick in your hair. Amazing!
    Helped my psoriasis
    I have had for over a year flaky scalp that was also painful and had red welts along the hairline. I do suffer from psoriasis but I had never had it in my scalp before. I used this and instantly the rawness on my scalp was relieved and the flakes all but disappeared. After one wash, the itching was halved and I'm sure with more use it will go completely. It was great for removing buildup of soap free shampoo too. I will continue to use this weekly and a little goes a long way. I will definitely buy this again. Even my hair feels softer too as it I just had a mask in it. 10/10
    My scalp feels so clean after using this. I suffer with an oily scalp but dry everywhere else and honestly this is perfect for helping me last between hair washes. Great price.
    Fantastic product
    Absolutely love this scrub! I've got a sensitive scalp and have to use sulfate-free shampoo, which naturally leads to a bit of build up. A tiny bit of this stuff scrubs away all residue without any irritation whatsoever. My scalp is the happiest it's ever been: clean, soothed, itch-free, with no flakes or build up. This is definitely a permanent addition to my haircare shelf.
    Love it!
    I love this product. It smells so good. Makes my irritated skin calm, Saves me from winter itching. And it cleans my hair so well. And the price is nice too. Got a small jar from Goody bag and will buy the full size soon.
    Best scalp scrub I've used!
    Wow, amazing product, after using several well known scalp scrubs this is by far the best one I have tried. Smells great and lathers! This product is fabulous!
    Nice but...
    It’s nice and doesn’t irritate my scalp, but it doesn’t do what I would like. I need something that will help with my dry scalp, This isn’t the product for me sadly
    A must
    I use this once a week. I have natural hair and it is just a bit dry at the ends. As my hair has absolutely no volume, I use A LOT of texturising sprays, dry shampoos and styling foams. This cleans my hair like no other product. A jar of this lasted me forever, so it is a very good purchase. I have it my basket for the next order. Would definitely recommend.
    Will repurchase forever
    I don't use much products on my hair that may clog my scalp, yet it's often dry and itchy. I use thus scrub once a week instead of shampoo and it balances those unpleasant feelings, while leaving the hair clean and shiny. It isn't rough on the hair and it doen't make it tangled. I love it a lot and have repurchased already.
    Big No for me
    After washing right away I had dandruff on my scalp.
    Awesome product
    My scalp felt relieved i am obsessed
    Great find
    First time I've tried a clarifying product after noticing alot of product build up on my hair. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I noticed the difference after one use, my scalp felt cleansed and my hair felt lighter. Plus it smells great! I will be buying again!
    Perfect for lazy girls
    I have a oily scalp that’s prone to dryness and flaking. I’m also super lazy and wash my hair 1-2 times a week. I use this scrub once a week for a super good clean of my scalp and hair to get rid of product build-up. It leaves my hair super shiny and it smells amazing. I’ve also noticed less dandruff after using it. I love it.
    Surprise Product
    I've never tried anything like this in terms of texture, smell, packaging, and result for scalp clarifying. As soon as the first use, I could see the significant difference in my hair is shinier and easier to manage. Of course, it left my scalp clean and fresh.
    Star product
    I got this in a sample size in one of the goody bags, I loved it so much I purchased the full size. It’s a complete game-changer, I use it once a week before a normal shampoo to deep cleanse my hair, it makes the products I use after more effective. The hair feels softer and so so clean.
    So nice
    It leaves the roots of my hair and my scalp so soft and smooth. It foams easily and smells lovely!
    I love this. I developed slight psoriasis on my scalp, at my hairline. Think it’s stress related due to Covid anxiety. After one use I could feel and see a huge difference. I’ve used it once a week since I purchased. I have fine hair so have no difficulty dispersing it through my hair. I will try the shampoo once my existing one is finished.
    Game Changer
    During lockdown I wanted to take better care of my hair and refresh it, I read about scalp scrubs and bought this one. It is fantastic, I have thick curly hair and usually use a co-wash so I do get a bit of a scalp build up leaving my head a bit itchy. I use this once a week and it has made my hair so soft and my scalp very happy.
    Pleasantly surprised
    I use this product every 3 weeks (I have curly hair so only wash my hair max 3 times a week). I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much from this because my hair is thick and curly, products don't penetrate easily. I was really surprised how easy it was to work this. I didn't need to use much product (compared to shampoo) and even while dipping in and out of the shower to lather the product the scrub really felt like a scrub and very reviving!
    Different than I expected
    I think this is the first hair scrub I've tried and I was slightly apprehensive about how rough it would be on my hair but I quite like it. The scrub isn't too abrasive and doesn't just dissolve into nothing. Also lathers up really well when your hair is sufficiently wet. I tend to take a little at a time and work my way round my scalp, kind of dipping my head in and out of the shower so I can scrub without it lathering up loads immediately.
    Great Product
    Having owned a hair salon of my own, I’ve used a few hair products! As an older woman now I have used none over the last 10 years I felt warranted a review however, this does. It’s a fantastic product and made my very coarse hair feel very clean soft, and my scalp much calmer (it itches). As for the price point it really can’t be beaten so I would definitely give this a go. I am now going to buy other products in the range imminently.
    A little goes a long way!
    Seems expensive for shampoo, but 2 months in and I’ve barely made a dent. Smells gorgeous and helps my itchy scalp. Hasn’t fixed it completely but definitely helped
    Worth it!
    This is such a satisfying experience, it cleans greasy hair and helps an itchy scalp at the same time, scrub isn't too harsh and has a very light, but pleasant scent. Works wonderfully!
    This smells yummy and leaves my scalp feeling really clean. The only reason it is 4 stars rather than 5 is it’s quite difficult to get the scrub right on your scalp so not sure how much actual scrubbing I have done with it but whatever’s in it works on my scalp anyway and leaves my hair looking and feeling great so job is done.
    The feels
    Only started using it but Love the smell and leaves a refreshing feel after. Gives you a nice scrub even if you have a dry scalp with oily hair too
    Крутая тема! - Cool topic!
    Расход небольшой, отлично пенится, прекрасно очищает волосы. После использования чувствуется , что структура волос стала более послушной, в чем-то даже объемной. Очень довольна этим средством. Для моих густых и не держащих красивые завитки волос очень классное средство. И запах приятный, хочется нюхать и нюхать The expense is small, foams well, perfectly cleanses the hair. After use, it is felt that the structure of the hair has become more obedient, in some ways even voluminous. Very pleased with this tool. For my thick and not holding beautiful curls of hair is a very cool tool. And the smell is pleasant, I want to smell and smell.
    Works quick!
    So, after reading so many positive reviews not only on here but on other sites too, I decided to give this a shot. I have really severe seborrheic dermatitis and an inflamed, usually painful scalp 2 days after a wash and since I've gotten this last week (I've used it 3 times so far), it's done a great deal to help cleanse my scalp. There's very minimal itchiness, flaking and my scalp's really clean and not as irritated. It's also left my hair very shiny and healthy; the curls have really maintained their shape well. I love this and recommend it to anyone who's suffering from flakes and an itchy scalp!
    This product is pure heaven for your hair! I used to suffer from the oily scalp and waxy like layer on my scalp. This scalp scrub has literally saved my hair!! Even people at work asked about what I did to my hair after the FIRST time I’ve used it. Now it’s been almost 2 weeks using it and my hair is commercials shiny And smoooooth! Even blow-drying it had become easier! My scalp is super clean!!! No more if that waxy annoying layer when I scratch it! It’s pure perfection!! Just buy it you will looove it!
    Squeaky clean and fresh!
    I was sceptical about using a scrub on my hair at first, but as soon as I massaged a little bit of this into my scalp, it lathered up into a gentle, beautiful foam. A little definitely goes a long long way, and this scrub left my scalp and hair feeling oh so soft and squeaky clean. I used the shine shampoo and conditioner in conjunction and first time trying this brand - I love it. Cannot wait to try the shine oil next!
    It's wonderful for my thin, weakened and always colored hair! After using this product my hair seems alive and younger.
    Perfect - Add this to your cart now
    I’m currently trying to grow my hair and I have learnt the importance of having a scalp scrub in your routine. I bought this honestly because of the list of ingredients, the claim and the price. When it arrived I was actually shocked by the size it’s quite a generous amount for the price. It smells lush. It lathers up within seconds and turns into a shampoo. It felt amazing massaging this into my scalp. When my hair was dry it was so shiny and looked incredibly healthy. Even my boyfriend (who notices nothing) said “wow your hair looks glossy’ - Bless him. He then went in the shower to try it for himself. I actually love this product - Great price, great ingredients, cruelty free and great results. I would recommend this to anyone as it’s great for product build up and helping stimulate hair growth.
    Amazing product
    This is my first ever review on the website, I am usually a bit lazy to write these, but this product is a miracle in a jar and I just had to! I normally tend to wash my hair every day, as I an have itchy scalp (and well, my hair gets quite greasy if I don't wash it every day). After I started to use this scrub I can last 3 days with amazingly clean shiny hair! And I have a feeling it gives huge volume to my heavy long hair. Will definitely repurchase once it's back in stock.
    The most amazing hair product I’ve ever tried. Thank you cult beauty for including a sample in the latest goody bag. Will purchase a full size once overseas shipping to my country resumes.
    1st scalp scrub
    This is the first time I am trying a scalp scrub and it is excellent. Plus point, it works as a shampoo too. Wonderful smell and it keeps your scalp super clean and fresh. Definitely will repurchase and recommend to my friends and family
    Just amazing!
    Love the scent and it really cleanses my flaky scalp without stripping it so no itchy scalp after washing. I got a generous sample on CB goodie bag and I will definitely get the regular size. A keeper!
    Better than expected
    Lovely product for hair and scalp at an affordable price. One of the a-list products for me!
    Smells divine and works beautifully
    I love a scalp scrub but I'm quite fussy, this one hits the mark though. It smells incredible for one, and it works into a great lather as you work it into your hair. I normally have to shampoo my thick hair 3 times to feel like it's got all the product out, but I just did one rise with the scrub, and one shampoo with my trust Briogeo Farewell Frizz, and my hair was ready for conditioner. It left it feeling so soft too, really shiny and completely weightless and bouncy when I then styled it.
    No Scrubs
    If I could give this product 6 stars I would. It is PERFECT for my coloured hair that I have to layer a lot of products on to maintain. This can lead to build up on my scalp but I have been searching for a scrub that doesn't compromise my colour - and this is it. With just the right amount of crystals, it lathers up to a foam so you can distribute evenly and really massage in. I use this before applying Olaplex No. 3 treatment, almost like cleansing before applying a face mask. I currently have a pink toner on top of bleached highlights and this product didn't fade my hair at all - if anything my colour has kept better and definitely looks shinier!
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