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    Honest BeautyHydrogel Cream<p>Get yourself a moisturiser that can dew it all! Enter: the Hydrogel Cream &#8211; a hyaluronic acid-powered powerhouse with advanced moisture-release technology that gives dewy, plump, smooth skin.</p><p>Worthy of being your new go-to, this skin-loving moisturiser utilises two different types of hyaluronic acid for the ultimate glow-up. Working as a humectant, the intelligent ingredient holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, pulling moisture into skin and locking it there. Sodium PCA then intensely hydrates, while squalane moisturises and softens. The winner of Byrdie&#8217;s 2019 Skincare Award, the lightweight and &#8216;bouncy&#8217; formula is delightfully cooling on the complexion, while working to smooth, firm and diminish fine lines.</p>HON012223748104250390935 stars, based on38 reviews 24.99Cult BeautyNew
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    Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream

    Honest Beauty
    Hydrogel Cream
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Good, clean, honest beauty! Tired of having to choose between 'what works' and 'what’s good for you', actor-turned-brand founder Jessica Alba worked with a team of top make up artists and cosmetic chemists to create a brand you can trust. With products that give both ‘performance and peace of mind’, they’re safe, simple and effective solutions for a happy and healthy life. With a ‘bouncy’ formula that promises intense hydration, the Hydrogel Cream is a must-have step in your beauty regime. High-tech and fuelled with hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser is cooling upon application, for an instant dewy glow and skin that’s soft, smooth and firm.

    • Description

      Get yourself a moisturiser that can dew it all! Enter: the Hydrogel Cream – a hyaluronic acid-powered powerhouse with advanced moisture-release technology that gives dewy, plump, smooth skin.

      Worthy of being your new go-to, this skin-loving moisturiser utilises two different types of hyaluronic acid for the ultimate glow-up. Working as a humectant, the intelligent ingredient holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, pulling moisture into skin and locking it there. Sodium PCA then intensely hydrates, while squalane moisturises and softens. The winner of Byrdie’s 2019 Skincare Award, the lightweight and ‘bouncy’ formula is delightfully cooling on the complexion, while working to smooth, firm and diminish fine lines.

    • How to use

      Apply to clean, dry skin after cleansing as needed — massaging the cream onto skin helps burst the water, hydrating skin.

      CAUTION: Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water. In case of irritation, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua), Squalane, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Propanediol, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Jojoba Esters, Sodium PCA, Tocopherol, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid.

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    Honest Beauty - Hydrogel Cream

    Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream Reviews

    Excellent Moisturiser
    This cream is easy to apply and very moisturising with natural ingredients. Highly recommended!
    Light, hydrating moisturiser
    I was looking for quite a ‘basic’, light moisturiser that would sit nicely over serums with active ingredients and not interfere with them. This does just that and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. The only downside for me is the texture. It’s a very light cream when you first take it out of the pot but as soon as I put it on my skin it turns really watery. It then sits on my skin for a few minutes before absorbing. I don’t think it affects the performance of the product but in my opinion, it just doesn’t feel particularly nice to apply.
    A big gulp of water for your face
    This one is a keeper! Never experienced anything like that! And the fact that the ingredients are natural... BOMB! It feels so hydrating, such a powerful cooling effect... So good
    Favorite Product
    I absolutely LOVEEE this Hydrogel cream.The texture of it is simply amazing - nothing like I used before. My skin feels great, more hydrated, and healthy. Can't recommend this product enough! :)
    Fantastic moisturiser! Light and hydrating!
    Love this moisturiser! I look forward to using this everyday. Love how lightweight it is whilst still offering good moisture. Good price point. No added fragrance which I always appreciate as I have sensitive skin. Have already repurchased!
    Not for me
    I didn’t like it. It felt super light when I first applied it, but after it just sat on my skin and felt greasy. Smelled like plastic too. Sad, I had high hopes
    Amazing and moisturising!!!
    Age: 20 | Skin: Combination, never had acne (but few breakouts occasionally) A good moisturiser. I was a bit scared to purchase the moisturiser, but after watching a few reviews on Youtube, I decided to try it. I am a young black woman, and I have come across so many moisturisers that didn't work out for skin (leaves my skin dry or too much shine), which was frustrating. But, this moisturiser was amazing. It is simple, lightweight and moisturising for my skin.
    It's an ok moisturiser
    I would say this is just ok, I use it more as an in between moisturiser, maybe once or twice a week when my skins feeling ok (not too dry or irritated). It's very very light, which is nice but for me, I think it's a little too light. when my skin is feeling a bit dry I use something else because this isn't enough but I think this would be a good summer cream. If you don't suffer with dry patches then this would work fine.
    This feels and looks at first like heavy, thick cream, but it actually blends in like a light gel moisturizer. I love it!! it adds enough moisture without being too heavy. I would recommend for combination skin!
    Very very good
    I bought this on the recommendation of Sali Hughes in her recent Guardian column featuring her best buys of 2020. This was then endorsed by Jo Jones and I was sold. It is a thick textured cream without being dense, greasy or oily with a delightfully cooling feel on application. My skin is 54 years old, it is thin, reactive, dehydrated and occasionally oily. This manages to deal with all of these and offers moisturisation long after application, something that many higher-end moisturisers fail to do. I would buy this again in a heartbeat, I am so happy to have purchased it.
    Would recommend for very dry skin
    I bought this thinking it was going to be a very lightweight gel type cream but actually it’s way richer than I expected. I tried to use it once during the day and once at night but honestly it was way too heavy for me for daytime. I have normal skin and the cream made my skin feel kind of greasy. I do however really enjoy to use it around the eyes, hence the 4 star review. It might not work for my skin type in general but as an eye cream it works perfectly whereas other lightweight moisturizers don’t seal in moisture well enough under my eyes. If you have dry skin you’ll probably love this cream. If you have normal to oily then you’ll probably find it too heavy for daytime but it can still work as a night cream (I’d recommend starting with a thin layer though). When I used it at night my skin felt really smooth in the morning so all in all not a bad cream at all.
    Without a doubt the best I’ve ever tried. I saw this via Caroline Hirons on this morning clip on YouTube (only part of the show I watch). She has a selection of products and about layering. This was sold out numerous times before I got a hold of it. Finally did and a couple months later I’m running on the bare bones of it all. I need to buy another. I have eczema and it’s been terrible plus 2 allergic reactions and this cream has been amazing in rescuing my skin. I’ve tried a lot in my 10+ years of eczema and honestly one of the best best! You won’t be disappointed. Perfect for these unpredictable cold seasons.
    Honestly in love
    I thought I'd wait until I'd finished the pot to review this item as with my skin, it seems to allow a skincare product to work for a few weeks and then decides it doesn't like it and revert back to how my skin was prior to spending 100's on products... However THIS! I love it, I have been using it morning and night and my skin is definitely thankful for it, a few dots here and there (hormones aye!!) but this is my favourite product I have used I really feel I've finally found the product that works perfectly for my skin and knowing it's all clean makes it even better! Side note it smells a little like latex haha very rubbery but I don't mind it not smelling of roses as long as it gives the results it has given. Clear dewy fresh skin. My Mam also tried it and loved it too and is now on her list. I bought this with the Gentle Gel Cleanser and they work together really nicely.
    Does the job
    The texture feels a bit strange when it’s cold as it doesn’t transform into gel so easily and it feels like it doesn't spread well. I think it will be great for summer but maybe not that hydrating during winter. My skin feels fine with it and didn’t break out at all which is great. But it’s not that amazing a product.
    Brilliant results, innovative texture
    I haven’t written a review before but felt compelled to for this. I spend a lot of money trying different skincare products each month. This is something that will now stay in my core list! At first look I was a bit underwhelmed, just a moisturiser - nice but nothing unusual. When I put it on the skin it feels thick. Rub it in however and it transforms into a water like, gel texture, like nothing I’ve really ever used before. Skin feels instantly hydrated and I look glowing for ages after application (but I can still apply make up on top). I have had comments about my skin in the last few weeks, which I attribute to this. Impressive!
    Best moisturiser I've ever had
    Always wanted to try Honest beauty products, and was so glad when it launched here. This was a great purchase! It starts as a cream then turns in some kind of watery texture consistency which is so nice on the skin! Didn't break out, not even once, Which I usually do. I'm combination skin, and my skin is very picky on what I put on it, and this was a great investment.
    Great for oily-combination skin
    I purchased this on a whim but I’m not at all disappointed. This is a luxurious cream for my oily combination skin that struggles with dehydration. This cream makes my skin look like it drank a ton of water, but no oily residue and leaves my skin just looking healthy!!
    Great moisturiser
    I started using this recently & im loving it! The consistency is really nice, it feels luxurious and when you rub it in it feels like water. Very refreshing and goes really well under makeup!
    Not my favourite
    I like how simple this moisturiser is but I just don’t like the texture of it. It doesn’t spread well and I end up having to use quite a lot of it to get it all over my face. My boyfriend doesn’t like it either, says it feels “gloopy”.
    The Perfect Gel Cream
    After using the Drunk Elephant Protini forever - I finally found something just as good and less than HALF the price! Leaves your skin plump & hydrated, absorbs so well & has AMAZING ingredients. I think I've found a new more budget-friendly fav!
    Very hydrating
    I have tried a lot of moisturisers over the years and have found that some moisturisers leave your skin feeling a bit ‘tight’ and not very hydrated, but this does the exact opposite! It leaves your skin feels very hydrated and refreshed. The texture is unusual, it looks as if it comes as a cream but when you massage it into the skin it turns into an almost watery/gel texture, which isn’t a bad thing but isn’t something I haven’t experienced with moisturises before. One thing is I will say about this moisturiser is that it does leave your face looking quite shiny, it doesn’t feel greasy though, but it is something to note if you are looking for more of a matte finish. I do have very sensitive skin, and using this has not caused any issues or flare-ups!
    The best moisturiser
    I love this moisturiser, it's so light but very hydrating, and you are left glowing after applying it. I am 50 + and have tried lots of high-end brand moisturisers and this is the best. Also, have sensitive skin, and it's nice and gentle. Highly recommend it.
    Refreshing and Replenishing
    A lovely cream, incredibly refreshing and wonderfully moisturising for my dry 50+ skin.
    Excellent product
    This is a wonderfully soothing and instantly moisturising cream. Absorbs quickly, not greasy.
    Thank you Jessica!
    This is the best moisturiser I've used yet. I was led to this one in my hunt for a silicone free moisturiser (harder to find than you'd think) containing HA. First happy surprise is that it hasn't caused any bumpiness or congestion for me at all, and I have highly reactive skin. Second happy surprise is what its done for my fine lines - I have a few on my forehead that I was extremely self conscious about - using this twice a day has seriously plumped those lines out. My skin overall with this really does look and feel properly hydrated and not just with a superficial smoothness (like you might get with Dimethicone containing products). Love it, well worth the price.
    Finally, something that lives up to the hype. Usually, these gel creams aren’t moisturising enough for me (late 40s, dry, dehydrated, reactive skin). The thick cream melts into a sort of watery consistency on application so a little goes a long way. It’s a delight to put on and no fragrance. The best thing about it is that the next morning I wake to a calm, plump and hydrated complexion AND it’s a lovely base for make-up. It’s the best moisturiser I’ve ever used and half the price of my usual one.
    Comforting and hydrating
    I was attracted to this gorgeous moisturiser for its simple, but never simplistic, formula with very few ingredients that have all be well-chosen to deliver intense hydration and also because I saw no ingredients that can typically irritate my sensitive skin (like fragrance, essential oils or strong actives). The texture is my favourite thing about it as it melts into the skin and feels instantly hydrating, like a splash of water! It's so comforting and I love to use it when my skin feels particularly dehydrated or if I want to use a serum with an active underneath. I probably wouldn't use it if I'm planning to wear heavy makeup because my skin can get really oily in the t-zone but otherwise it's a great staple to have all year round!
    Great Moisturizer!
    A very nice and thick moisturizer (i don’t think it’s like other gel creams!) - great for colder months, too! I have an oily, acne-prone skin and this moisturizer worked perfectly for me - sinking into the skin seamlessly and leaving it feeling very hydrated! Will definitely repurchase :)
    The answer to my prayers.
    I'm off the back of a pretty reactive period with my skin. The only thing I used for a really long time was moisturiser so I got through everything quite quickly. I'm a naturally dry skinned girl so with reactive skin you can only imagine how flakey my skin got. I saw a review that this moisturiser was a thick cream that moisturised and softened the skin. Not only is it CH & Sali Hughes approved I also read another review (from a Cult Beauty customer) saying it also helped their allergic reaction. Within two uses of this, my skin was instantly restored but also so quenched I looked like a water nymph. My friends who are used to me calling them crying about my skin was so shocked at how calm and nourished it looked! I'd like to thank not only Jessica Alba & the Honest Team but our wondering CB customers who gave the final push.. and my friends, I feel like I have said goodbye to my reactive skin!
    Excellent, texture makes it all
    One of the only moisturiser that really surprised me with a new inventive texture that feels light on the skin but still really hydrating not like some gel moisturisers than barely hydrates. I love that there is no sent and you don’t need much so the pot feels huge. Will definitely repurchase and want to try more from this brand
    It's a rich cream but glides on the skin like a gel. My skin feels really hydrated. I have sensitive and dry skin and this works perfect for me. love the feeling and formula.
    Great quality
    I have oily/combination skin and was very curious to try this cream. It is really a great product as it moisturises the skin very well and at the same time doesn't make face look oily. Also, it helps to control oil production during the day and it is perfect for under makeup. Highly recommend it.
    Been using this for a few weeks and have certainly noticed a difference. My skin is smoother and softer. Lines are less noticeable.
    The first time using this face cream and I love it, my skin feels much better and it’s not greasy. I will be buying this again, I would recommend it.
    Brilliant for combination skin
    I have searched far and wide for many, many years using a huge selection of high and low-end brands trying to find a moisturiser that hydrates my skin and doesn't make me break out. I am so pleased with this product, it does exactly that! I have been using alongside their vitamin c serum and have noticed a huge difference in scarring fading from previous outbreaks too.
    My combination skin loves this. And I love that it isn’t full of bad things.
    A good one.
    Great moisturiser, terrible packaging. Jessica Alba if you're reading this, please make a normal one with pump or a tube.
    Super hydrating
    This cream leaves my face super hydrated and plump. As someone with oily skin I only use a tiny pea size amount during the day and a bit more at night. I love how when you start rubbing it in you can feel the water in the product burst all of your face! It’s like giving your skin a big drink of water. Plus it’s oil free which is a bonus!
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