Oh, for the love of lip balm. Cute, essential and infinitely collectable (one can never have too many, right?), we've devoted our time to painstakingly determining five of our all-time favourite formulas. It's been a tough task - almost as exhausting as doing anything other than re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer - but after serious pencil-twirling in-between episodes, we've settled on these five as our favourites...


The only tube we’ve been near since March last year, Aesop’s {Cedar & Citrus Lip Salve} has been our go-to choice for cherishing chapped, scaly skin – be it our lips or otherwise! This non-sticky, non-glossy salve is made with nourishing vegetable-derived emollients to cherish your skin and protect from the drying effects of the elements (and over-washing!).


A lesson in unparalleled hydration from none other than Professor Augustinus Bader, {The Lip Balm} is the ultimate investment for your kisses. Scoring top marks for the pillowy soft finish it achieves, this clever clogs harnesses the power of the brand’s signature TFC8 Complex to support skin renewal and provide cells with nutrients needed for optimal health. In plain English: your lips will look plump and youthful without a crack in sight.  


We know what you’re thinking – this isn’t a balm! We’re breaking the rules a bit with this one but being bad never looked so good on our lips… With all of the nourishing qualities of a balm – it has vitamin E, apricot and jojoba oil to thank for that – Jouer Cosmetics’ {Essential Hydrating Lip Oil} smooths, hydrates, softens and brightens as it achieves a mirror-like sheen sans the stickiness of a gloss. 


Adding a little zing to our lip balm line-up, fresh’s {Sugar Lip Treatment Mint Rush} is specially crafted to cool and invigorate lips while delivering 24-hour hydration. With a fresh flavour that’ll have you dreaming of ordering your next mojito (just us?), this thirst-quenching balm is proven to significantly boost moisture levels, enhance volume and improve the definition of the lip area.


Chances are if you asked any member of Team Cult Beauty to choose their favourite lip balm, each answer will have one word in common: “Lanolips”. First earning our attention (and adoration) with their 101 Ointment, we’ve since discovered their {Tinted Balm SPF30}, and let us say, the range’s crowning jewel spot has got some major competition. Part lip balm, part lip gloss, this 3-in-1, multi-tasking treatment deeply nourishes parched skin, as it protects against the sun and grants a juicy slick of colour.