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    Sali Hughes

    The very definition of a beauty expert, Sali Hughes is a (*takes deep breath*) journalist, host, broadcaster, author and the co-founder of Beauty Banks – a charity that supplies hygiene products to those in need. Having written beauty content for several publications such as Vogue, Grazia, The Guardian, Stylist, Glamour and more, it’s clear that she knows a thing or two when it comes to what’s ‘what’ in the beauty world. From burgeoning trends to industry-adored classics, you can rely on Hughes to recommend only the very best in the business. 

    Sali has given us the low-down of the top 30 Cult Beauty buys that are hot on her wishlist right now, and later this month she’ll join us for a live online panel talk – the Skin Care Sessions - to discuss what's in store for sustainability in the beauty world. Scroll down for details on how to get hold of a ticket and to browse her edit.

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