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    Michelle Roques-O'Neil
    Michelle Roques-O'Neil
    Michelle developed an early passion for essential oils and the mystical. Her early years were spent traveling around India and Pakistan with her Bohemian Jazz musicians parents. During this time Michelle was exposed to many rituals and traditional uses of oils like Sandalwood, experiences that were the initial building blocks of her vast olfactory memory. The family moved back to London in the mid 60's, where Michelle decided to train as a Beauty therapist and makeup artist subsequently stumbling on a latent talent for massage. She practiced both at the Face Place in Chelsea and Bond Street where she was first introduced to aromatherapy a little known alternative therapy at the time. In the 80's Michelle trained with aromatherapy guru Micheline Arcier; a huge transition point. It was Mme Arcier who recognised that she had a natural gift for bodywork and unique affinity and intuitive understanding of essential oils oils. Working at Arcier's also activated a profound interest in things metaphysical. In the mid-1980s Roque-O'Neil embarked on a solo career working in Harley Street and the prestigious Hale Clinic using this period to refine her unique healing and blending style and embracing a profound interest in Eastern philosophy, which influenced her treatment style and has subsequently made her a highly respected and accomplished industry expert. It was then that Vogue first cited Michelle as one of the world's top ten aromatherapist, beside Micheline her mentor. It was at this time that she designed her critically acclaimed range Pure Alchemy and her Aromabalance treatment; cementing a new aromatherapeutic sensibility and style. Michelle has worked extensively as a therapeutic design consultant creating products and treatments for Space NK, C-side at Cowley Manor voted No 1 in Conde Nast Traveller 2011, Abhana and DeMamiel to mention a few. Michelle is currently engaged in several projects from individuals to niche companies and spa brands. In June 2012 Michelle launched the new Roque ONeil Therapie range, a capsule collection that succinctly offers a design for inspired living. Alongside the range is an exquisite trio of treatments that balance and rejuvenate mind and body. Bespoke treatments are also still part of her life, fans have included James D'Silva, Nicky Kinnaird, Bethan Cole, Alessandra Steinherr, Nadja Swarovski, Pat McGrath, Johnnie Sapong, Alison Goldfrapp, Sting, and Simon & Yasmin Le Bon. Roque-O'Neil is currently working on a natural artisan perfume, a passion that has taken her on a new olfactory quest. Very exciting!
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