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    Johnnie Sapong
    Johnnie Sapong
    Hair Stylist
    Johnnie Sapong was described by The Sunday Times as 'probably the best hairdresser in the world'. His career began in the 80s when, to rebel against his family (keen for him to get a 'proper job') he went to work at Molton Brown. His first shampoo was Kim Wilde & he was soon rubbing shoulders with Grace Jones & Jerry Hall. His London charm, mix of influences & unique style made for a different, creative, approach to hair. Soon he was working for Splinters, specializing in Afro Caribbean hair & advising some of the most high profile black people in the world. 20 years later he is one of the most respected global creative hair advisors. His client list reads like a who's who of Hollywood, including Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt, Gemma Arterton and Sienna Miller. His styling sets high street trends around the globe & he works with brands & individuals from Vogue, Chanel & Aveda to the Oscars. He enjoys blending street style with glamour to achieve 'natural, creative hair'. He says "I've always wanted to create shapes with hair because sculpture was something I felt I'd missed out on at school. I use the hair as a raw material, build it & go from there. Sometimes it's harder to underdo hair, to make something look unkempt & disheveled, but sexy." Johnnie offers this luxury experience enjoyed by his A-list clients at 'The Studio'.
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    Celebrities I work with:

    • Brad Pitt
      Brad Pitt

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    Johnnie Sapong| Hair Stylist
    0844 412 7620