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    James Read
    James Read
    Tanning expert
    James Read is the UK's premier spray tan artist with over 10 years experience and an unrivalled international clientele that includes London girls about town Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Ellie Goulding as well as global celebrities including Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Take That and Clive Owen. James' following in the fashion industry is unparalleled while he is the spray tan artist of choice for magazine editors and is regularly called upon to tan models for editorial and advertising shoots and backstage at fashion shows in London, Paris and New York. James' skills have also been appreciated at high profile awards ceremonies including The Academy Awards, The Brits, The Grammys and BAFTAs and he is on call for magazine award ceremonies such as the Glamour and ELLE Style Awards and the GQ Awards. James' expertise is sought by international beauty companies and he is a recognised influencer in tanning trends. He is the brains, behind fake-tan-fan's favourite website, and he is in residence at agua, Sanderson, London's only spray tanning suite where he offers a selection of expert services. Whether it's real, fake, on a celebrity, on the runway, or real-life reportage, James gives his expert opinion from the shows to the streets.
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    Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

    Gentle body polish for super-smooth skin
    This is a gentle, exfoliating cane sugar body polish that left my skin feeling silky smooth – there is nothing better than a good, proper scrub. It helped to remove my self-tan and I found it was one of the best at making your skin feel totally even afterwards. As the name might suggest, the oil is rose scented but until you smell it you won’t be able to appreciate just how good it really is. A truly gorgeous treat that is as effective as it is indulgent.

    Celebrities I work with:

    • Lady GaGa
      Lady GaGa

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    James Read| Tanning expert
    +44 (0) 20 7300 1414