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    Eminé Ali Rushton
    Eminé Ali Rushton
    Beauty Editor
    After 30 years in London, beauty & health journalist Eminé Ali Rushton moved to a 200-year old cottage in the Kentish countryside, where her newfound love of the good life extends to all things holistic, health and beauty-driven. With 12 years experience as an editor and writer, she has written for a wealth of different titles that span the publishing spectrum - everything from ELLE, i-D and NYLON to Sunday Times Style, ASOS and Liberty magazine. Presently Beauty & Wellbeing Director at thinking woman's glossy PSYCHOLOGIES, Eminé specialises in beauty features that seek out and celebrate truth, and she loves nothing more than the groundwork that accompanies in-depth skincare features. A trained holistic facialist, skin is her thing, and her work with clients continually informs her view of what real women want and expect from their regimes - but also of how crucially one's lifestyle affects one's appearance. An inside-out approach is her ethos - look after and laugh at yourself, enjoy the little things, and don't rush through life (you'll leave your soul behind).
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    Renaissance Mask

    A really, really great exfoliating enzyme mask – ideal for even very sensitive skin (it was the only exfoliating mask I could tolerate when pregnant). Skin always looks plumper, more even and far brighter afterward – it’s particularly good at fading dark patches after spots, and getting skin to clear up more speedily after extractions.

    de Mamiel

    Summer Facial Oil

    I relied on this beautiful, gentle blend while pregnant with my second daughter, and still use it now – whenever skin is tender, sensitised, or just needs a break. It’s wonderfully nourishing, but easily assimilated and absorbed by the skin, and the addition of mood- and mind-supporting flower essences, sets it poles apart from other facial oils.


    Himalayan Detox Salts

    These are just extraordinary. So potent! My husband got his hands on this beautiful black jar (and caught onto their incomparable calming properties), and finished my stash… I’ve repurchased of course – because the incredible blend of essential oils – juniper, lemongrass, lavender, geranium – in high ‘healing’ concentrations, mean that even a pinch is enough to scent your bath. I use a capful for a deep, healing, sleep-inducing soak, while the mineral-rich pink crystals themselves, help to balance the body’s energy levels, and are great for boosting immunity too.

    MV Organic Skincare

    Daily Skin Soother Booster

    I love many of the products in this supreme quality organic line, but this little booster, which I only recently discovered, is bliss in a bottle. Silky, soothing, healing, hydrating – whenever skin starts to crack up, be it due to seasonal change, stress, hormones – this lays down a stable skin-kind foundation (the highest grade jojoba is used, which is closest chemically to skin’s own healthy sebum) and gives your complexion a chance to repair.

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