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    For as long as I remember I knew that I wanted to do something creative, and when I discovered what I could achieve with my make up brushes, that dream had to become a reality. I was fascinated by the seemingly endless ways to experiment with products and I wanted to learn all of the tips and tricks for transforming someone. I finally made the big move from the Scottish countryside down to London and got my degree in Hair and Make Up for Fashion from London College of Fashion. The whole experience was incredible and it really helped me to find my own signature style. Alongside my studies, I worked in a beauty store and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of products and brands that I never knew about — I was hooked! Fast forward to now and there’s nothing that I love more than helping someone achieve the skin of their dreams. My beauty secret is quality over quantity; a simple yet effective routine can work wonders.
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    They're Real Magnet Extreme Lengthening & Powerful Lifting Mascara

    Very impressed
    My first impressions of this mascara were really positive because I have never used a mascara before where I didn’t need to curl my eyelashes. It really did lift each individual lash, including the ones that usually do their own thing (even after being curled into place with a lash curler). I was shocked. It’s not the most long-wearing mascara that I have tried and it did transfer under my eyes and a little bit on to my brow bone so I would recommend applying powder to these areas to avoid this.


    Succinic Acid Blemish Treatment

    Wow I am loving this!
    I have a fear of spot treatments that dry out my skin so generally, I avoid any products like this. I must say that it has worked wonders and doesn’t cause any dry or flaky patches. I have seen a huge difference in my blemishes the following morning after applying it at night. Although it doesn’t dry out the skin, do be careful of applying it too thickly because you will be able to feel the product on your skin. I am addicted now and wondering how long the tube will last me before I need to repurchase.

    Dr. Barbara Sturm

    Calming Serum

    A comforting cuddle for my angry skin
    Working in this industry my poor skin gets put through a lot! I want to try every new product that launches so this is my go-to for when I have overdone it and I need any inflammation to settle. This gorgeous lightweight milky texture fits nicely into my routine to hydrate and calm my angry skin.

    Aurelia London

    Botanical Cream Deodorant

    Weird but good
    Works well and the scent is really nice. Strange application but good if you are trying to be more conscious of packaging. I am used to using my fingers now however I would only recommend this product if you are a morning shower person because it’s fine for applying once, but not ideal for topping up.

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