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    For as long as I remember I knew that I wanted to be an artist, but it was only when I discovered make up that it became a real dream. I was fascinated by the seemingly endless, creative ways to experiment with products and I wanted to learn all of the tips and tricks for transforming someone’s face. I made the big move from Scotland and got my degree in Hair and Make Up for Fashion from London College of Fashion. The whole experience was incredible and I was so lucky to meet and work with so many likeminded people. It really helped me to find my own signature style. Alongside my studies, I worked in a beauty store and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of products and brands that I never knew about — I was hooked! Fast forward to now and there’s nothing that I love more than helping someone achieve the skin of their dreams. My beauty secret is quality over quantity; a simple yet effective routine can work wonders.
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    Laura Mercier

    Secret Brightening Powder

    Unexpected Favourite
    I first discovered this powder when someone else applied it on me. Thinking that it was just a setting powder, I could not believe the difference that it made. I was shocked at how well it brightened my dark circles and made me look wide-awake. As I don’t like heavy make-up, this is the perfect under-eye powder because it is completely invisible and nobody would know it was there.


    Luminescent Eye Shade

    Dreamy Eyeshadow
    The most beautiful buttery texture. Very fine glitter which feels more like cream than powder. The gorgeous rose gold makes my green eyes pop. I think it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with this eyeshadow. My main issue is that the price is steep but it is Chantecaille. A divine eyeshadow and I would spend my money all over again.


    Transforming Body Lotion

    I couldn’t survive the winter without this!
    Picture a cold, windy, wet winters day in the UK. As always, I have not wrapped up warm enough and when I get home the skin on my legs is dry, chapped and scaly. They are not exaggerating when they say ‘transforming’. This is the ultimate two in one product for hydrating and exfoliating. Lightweight formula. A little bit sticky and the smell certainly takes a bit of getting used to. It is definitely more of a practical product than a luxurious one but it is absolutely worth it.

    Tata Harper

    Water-Lock Moisturizer Starter Kit

    Great Packaging
    I was hoping I would like this and I did. My skin is combination and very breakout prone. There were no issues introducing this into my routine. It is a lightweight texture so I would still pair it with a serum, especially if your skin can be dry. To be honest what I love the most is the packaging. Air locked and with the option to get a refill and save on plastic. I would buy again purely because of the packaging. At first, I thought it smelled like a chocolate orange but now I have embraced the natural orange oils and I love the scent.

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