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    My love of beauty and style definitely stems from my mum. Ever since I can remember, I watched as she put on her make up and magic potions (read: skin care). She also used to drench me in sunscreen as if she were Thetis dipping Achilles into the River Styx – a beauty ritual that stays with me even now! Even as a teenager, I would painstakingly deliberate over which moisturiser or face wash to use, weighing up which ingredients were best for my combination skin. When shaving entered my weekly regime, I started to experiment with different grooming techniques to suit my dark, coarse facial hair: from different forms of removal to razors, angles and after-care products. I've tried it all, so I can definitely point you in the right direction! Another thing you should know about me is that I have a full head of 3A curls which I’ve definitely put through its paces. When I was younger, I tried to straighten it into submission but now I’m finally growing it out. It’s normal to have a love-hate relationship with your curls, but picking the right formulas for your hair, scalp and styling needs is the best place to start. That’s where I come in - I hope I can help you on your hair journey!
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    Saturday Skin

    Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask

    You'll Never Need Another Sheet Mask
    If you are a sheet mask lover you need to buy in bulk this Cotton Cloud Liquid Gold of Dreams! With so many great ingredients to leave your skin hydrated, soft, luminous & irresistible to touch, that I need to remind my hands to leave my face Alone! This comes with so much serum soaked into the mask and in the packaging that your skin will love every drop and you can even treat your neck, chest, and shoulders to this indulgence. I love to place this on throw on some ASMR and bring out the Jade Roller and afterward, I feel and look great.

    Glow Recipe

    Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

    Refreshing and Squeaky Clean
    This cleanser envelopes you in an absolutely delicious aroma of blueberries that especially first thing in the morning creates a nice zing for the senses. With its light exfoliation and hydrating ingredients, it really does make sure your skin is clean afterward however I would just be a little wary for really sensitive skin types or really dry skin as it could be a little stripping. This was my go-to cleanser for a long time and would defiantly go back, especially grabbing a travel-sized for short getaways (when we’re allowed again)!


    Restorative Treatment Mask

    A Hair's Bougie Dream
    This mask for me worked amazingly and left my curls smelling so good I had to deal with the occasional space invader friend. Its thick, velvety texture is as nourishing as it feels and when you’re spreading it through your hair you suddenly have images of waterfalls, and tangle-free curls start rushing in. This is definitely great for any hair type in dire need of some serious TLC to bring health and luminosity back to the hair. My one flag is that especially since I have long 3A curly hair I did find I went through it very quickly and therefore was a bit pricey for me personally.

    Sol de Janeiro

    Coco Cabana Moisturizing Body Cream-Cleanser

    Love At First Sniff
    This is Summer Magic in a bottle!! Once the creamy wash touches your hands you feel physically transported to the beautiful Islands of the cost of the State of Rio De Janeiro and movie-like scenes of Brazilian beaches start filling your senses when the most delicious sweet aroma takes over your bathroom. For those who like a soapy lather, this isn’t the one for you, as this is wonderfully softening and the gentle formula glides more the bubbles, and trust me when I say people might hug you for a moment longer if they catch the scent.

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