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    My mum worked in fashion so growing up, most of my free time was spent on the floor of a studio, poring over magazines and gazing at the likes of Kate, Naomi and Gisele who filled the pages of the early-noughties’ magazines. These images triggered a passion for make up’s transformative powers – I loved that a model could totally change her persona with lipstick and liner – and knew that I wanted to channel this beauty obsession. I’ve been working in beauty for over ten years, most recently as Cult Beauty’s Trainer, helping to keep the team clued-up about all our new and exciting arrivals. I studied Fashion and Editorial Make Up at LCF, starting out as a Make Up Artist working on shows, shoots and videos, then moved to a counter in-store giving tailored advice to the clients who wanted a product to suit their specific concerns. It was during this time that I started to swot up on how the ingredient deck could affect different skin types and set out to deepen my knowledge of skin care. I’m all about beautiful skin and the finish is only as good as the canvas; for me, a fresh, radiant base is the best way to offset my favourite red lip.
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    de Mamiel


    A new hero in my life
    I’ve recently been struggling to fall asleep, when I have finally drifted off to the land of nod, I awake in the middle of the night with a million thoughts racing through my mind. This sumptuous balm has quickly become one of my hero products! I've been warming a pea-sized amount of this balm in between my fingers and applying it to my chest every evening before getting into bed, deeply breathing in the essential oils and I’ve been sleeping through the night since! On the occasions that I do wake up, I just reapply Anchor and within a few minutes, I’m back to my sweet slumber.


    Olous Aromatique Room Spray

    Signature Aesop Scent
    As a lover of all things Aesop, I knew that I had to try the Olous Aromatique Room Spray. The scent leaves your room smelling as though you've walked into an Aesop boutique, fresh, botanical, absolutely gorgeous! The only downside is that compared to most room sprays, the fragrance is quite delicate and it leaves a slight film of residual oil in the area that you've sprayed. I found that I got through the room spray very quickly, which was slightly disappointing.


    Facial Cleansing Oil

    The Perfect Cleansing Oil
    Having been on the hunt for a new cleansing oil for the last few years since my holy grail formula was removed from the UK market, I’m ecstatic to have finally found the one!! The beautiful botanical scent transports me to my happy place, while the ultra light-weight oil emulsifies into a milky dream, removing every last trace of my mascara without irritating my ever so sensitive eyes. My search is finally over!

    Dr. Barbara Sturm

    Scalp Serum

    I’m a huge fan of all things Sturm so as soon I had the inside scoop that this scalp serum was about to drop I knew I needed to try it. I suffer from psoriasis and have tried most of the shampoos/scrubs available and have that side of things covered but have been desperate to find a serum to soothe the itching caused by a flare-up. I kid you not, this is hands down the best scalp product I have ever tried! I apply a few drops to my scalp and massage in gently, after 5 minutes, I no longer have the urge to scratch. BB what took you so long to formulate this magical potion? I’m so thankful that you did! This is truly life-changing ❤️

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