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    I’ve been beauty obsessed since birth or thereabouts. As a child, I revelled in experimenting with the expensive bottles on my mother’s vanity – much to her horror! Creating my own concoctions was so much fun and even now, I love to get creative with beauty; you can’t beat cocktailing your skin care. Over the years, I’ve researched and trialled SO many formulas in order to perfect my skin care routine, so I'm all about no-nonsense products that really deliver results. At this point, I’m practically fluent in ‘ingredients’. They're the first thing I look at when eyeing a new formula and they tell you nearly everything you need to know about its performance! When it comes to make up, I’m a lot more playful. I have a degree in Graphic Design and in my free time I love to draw and paint so, make up is just another way of expressing myself. I’m always trying out bold colours and shiny textures because they’re just more fun. Bring on the glitter-packed shadows and red lipstick!
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    Charlotte Tilbury

    Airbrush Flawless Finish

    The answer to my powder prayers
    Having very dry skin I thought finding a powder to set my concealer was impossible, every powder I tried made my undereye area look sad and dehydrated. This powder, however, does everything I need and more! My concealer is set, my pores are blurred, and my fine lines are minimized. Its texture is so finely milled and buttery that you can keep topping up without ever feeling cakey or dry. Even with the high price point, it is worth every penny for me, and the beautiful packaging doesn't hurt either.


    Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

    Disappointed but not surprised
    Me and my dehydrated skin had no business trying out a long-wear foundation, I knew this, but I still wanted to give it a go. On first application, I looked flawless, but by the end of the day all my dry patches and flakiness had popped out to say hello. The shade range is fantastic, and the product has amazing coverage, but if you like me have very dry skin, I would not recommend this foundation.


    Clarifying Shampoo

    Flaky scalp hero
    Throw away your smelly coal tar and drying shampoos because this product is everything you need to fight the flakes. My scalp is not only itchy, but it also gets sore and inflamed, especially in the colder months. I have tried everything to bring some relief from the constant itching and painful sensation, just when I was ready to pull my hair out, this shampoo renewed my hope for a flake-free life. It has a soft, comforting powdery scent and a very mild lather that remind me of baby shampoo. The science behind this formula, however, is definitely good enough for grown-ups. With two types of prebiotics to keep the good bacteria happy and a mild PH, this formula is so gentle on my sensitive scalp. The Lactic Acid exfoliates any dead skin without having to scrub and their proprietary LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex (comprised of oat-based hydrating ingredients) soothes and hydrates. If you like me are at your wit's end, try this!

    The Ordinary

    Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

    A great introduction to glycolic acid
    I originally bought this product to exfoliate my face but ended up using it from head to toe! This worked wonders on my keratosis pilaris (bumpy arms) and I even ended up using it to exfoliate my scalp. It left my skin feeling as soft as a baby dolphin, or at least what I imagine one would feel like. It can be a bit sticky if you don't use a moisturizer afterward. The packaging made it easy to use with a cotton pad although the formula is very watery so it can get messy if you want to use your hands to apply it. I recommend this product to anyone who is curious to try glycolic acid on their body/scalp, just be sure to patch test if it’s your first time using AHAs.

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