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    Codex Beauty Labs

    Get a FREE deluxe Cleanse and Moisturise Duo (36ml, 20ml) with any €25 spend on Codex Beauty

    Steeped in science and powered by plants, Codex Beauty Labs offers the highest quality ‘biotech beauty’, which begs the question: what is biotech? It’s an area of biology that uses living organisms – like plants – to develop products. Dedicated to supporting skin’s microbiome, each Codex Beauty Labs formula provides visible and reliable results, with clinical tests and published results to prove it – giving you access to the facts, not fluff. Working alongside local communities and indigenous people to monitor the impact of plant farming on local biomes, Codex Beauty Labs considers everything – from the bio-availability of a plant species, to the ecological impact of organic and biodynamic farming – with complete control over the supply chain too. They know exactly what’s in each product and know just where each ingredient comes from – from the packaging to the processes involved. With each tube made from renewable sugar cane, fully recyclable packaging, and an aim to emit zero carbon footprint by 2025, this is a conscious brand that cares about its environmental impact – merging ethnobotany and biotech practices to create a new standard of skin care: plant-based biotech beauty.

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