Gym bunnies take note; you needn't lug the entirety of your bathroom cabinet back and forth to your spin/sweaty yoga/body combat class. We've put together a capsule collection of essentials, to help make being virtuous less of a headache...

Ensure your skin is clean pre- and post-workout with skyn ICELAND's {Glacial Cleansing Cloths} - face wipes for those who 'don't do' wipes, these gentle cloths are impregnated with a non-astringent cocktail of detoxifying extracts: soothing Icelandic glacial water, conditioning coconut oil and ultra-mild amino acid-based surfactants - which dissolve dirt (and oil) without leaving your skin feeling stripped. And, there's no risk of them leaking all over your high-end athleisure...


If you must shower, forget lugging a zillion lotions and potions. Therapie's incredible {Boost Hair & Body Wash} boasts an intoxicating blend of pure, invigorating oils - including spearmint, rosemary, basil, geranium, grapefruit and fragonia - to nourish skin, open up airways (ideal for oxygenating your blood) and inspire optimism.


OUAI Haircare's {Treatment Masque} comes in convenient (portable) sachets, which can be crammed effortlessly into handbags whilst still leaving space for your laptop, trainers, umbrella and a change of outfit. Enriched with strand-strengthening oils, apply through lengths pre-spin class (the heat released will aid absorption) to replenish dehydrated, frazzled strands and 'spin' straw into silk.


{Mini Wet Brush} lets you quickly tease tangles without the ouches, and is perfectly, portably pint-sized. With innovative 'intelligent' bristles, this glides through the tattiest tresses without stressing delicate strands. Just don't make the mistake of allowing your gym-buddy to borrow it... you'll never get it back.


If you're feeling fatigued/can't be a***ed to get up off your bottom, mix up a smoothie with Moon Juice {Power Dust}. A powerful cocktail of natural, re-energising plant extracts, this powdered potion is ideal for boosting flagging energy-levels and enhancing stamina without the 'crash' that comes from caffeine. It's also a brilliant 'pick-me-up' after a long run, or vigorous clash with the cross trainer.


And if you make it home and feel a little like you've overdone it, prevent the inevitable twinges with  a long, hot bathe in Mio's {Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak} - a fortifying blend of essential oils, mineral salts and therapeutic herbs which works to relieve hard-working muscles and soothe away stresses, so you emerge feeling totally 'zen' and ready for Zzzzzzs.