Cult Beauty's Pick of the Best Spot Treatments

You’ve got a hot date, and a massive spot plotting the imperfect time to erupt on your forehead. Who you gon’ call? Cult Beauty of course! We’ve rounded up six of the best blemish treatments we’ve found, to stop spots in their tracks and speed up their demise. Consider that zit zapped… what’s that? Just the sound of them quaking…

skyn ICELAND's little see-through {Blemish Dots} are the ultimate foil for unwelcome uprisings - nipping spot-growth in the bud, to flout their best efforts to wreck your day. Infused with salicylic acid to 'dissolve' pore-clogging dead cells, just whack on anywhere you sense that trouble's brewing - leave overnight and wake up to clear, problem-free skin.

Wage war on pimples with Odacité's {Pimples Serum Concentrate} - an oil (which seems nonsensical but works), that counsels your complexion to become less easily-enraged. With invigorating black cumin to draw impurities and decongest, alongside therapeutic cajeput which conducts peace-talks with rebellious complexions to prevent an outburst. It's great for those whose skin is dehydrated, mixed-up or especially reactive.

Payot – beloved by French women (and their secret to flawless visages) – wage a two-pronged attack on unwelcome face-guests. The brand’s {Pâte Grise} smells and looks like cement, but the antibacterial shale extract helps draw out embedded impurities, to speed up Mt. Etna’s life cycle. Use in conjunction with {Spéciale 5} – a pimple-punishing cocktail of salicylic acid, tea tree and purifying sulphur – to quickly clear up imperfections, with minimal redness and no tell-tale trace.

Fresh from South Korea - the beating heart of beauty innovation - Mizon's {Blemish Out Pink Spot} goes all ‘Lady Macbeth’ on your blemishes, ousting ‘damn spots’ with its innovative two-phase treatment system. Best applied before bed, the yellow solution and pink powder combine to combat bacteria and gently exfoliate pore blocking dead skin cells with a cocktail of AHAs and BHAs, while soothing calamine then works to quickly calm redness and inflammation. Plus, it looks cute on your nightstand...

And for green fiends, Sonya Dakar's {Blemish Buster} is formulated with 100% natural ingredients to wage 3-pronged attack on imperfections. Starring encapsulated salicylic acid, active probiotics and antiseptic silver ions, this gets straight to the ‘root’ of the problem – clarifying, battling bacteria and accelerating healing to swiftly restore skin to its beautiful, blemish-free best.