Beautyblender Micro Mini Correct Four

Here, perfectly camouflaged within a nest of speckled eggs, you might just glimpse a rare breed of make up-perfecting ovoid sponges... Spot 'em? Bravo, you budding Attenborough - they're subtle little creatures and difficult to come by due to poaching by the 'Lesser-spotted Cosmetic Obsessive'.

Like well-behaved, pocket-sized pets, these 'Borrowed from Barbie' {Beautyblender Micro Minis} are too cute to resist. In fact, they're arguably as 'eeek-inducing' as this {puppy} - which is saying something.

With not much time left for this world (they're on the brink of extinction), {Correct.Four} is a quartet of adorbz Beautyblender sponges, shaded to complement your colour-correcting pigments.

Perfect for nestling into facial nooks and crannies, their rounded bottoms snuggle neatly beneath cheekbones to accentuate your hollows, highlight 'high points' and help blend your concealer for a flawless, 'real skin' finish.

There's no filter necessary with these mini eggs dinky sponges in your make up application arsenal. So snap 'em up fast before everyone else does...