Georgia Gadsby - Beauty for the Over 50s

The shame of it! A few months ago, I was visiting friends. They have a relaxed kind of household, where people sometimes pop their heads round the guest-bedroom door. And what they saw was not edifying.

Yes, heaps of gunge-encrusted glass jars and bottles and tubes and general beauty gunk. As I followed the gaze of one young person, I could almost hear her thinking: ‘Poor old dear – all this stuff just for just one weekend away!’

It was a sort of Gloria Swanson-in-Sunset-Boulevard moment.

Since then, however, I’ve cleaned up my act. I’ve become a devotee of a new Cult Beauty range – {DNA Renewal} – that comes in brightly-coloured, matte-plastic test-tubes. These are stylish enough to take/display just about anywhere, particularly if you also buy the special holder. (Or you can improvise: at home, I use a glass Art Deco pipe rack.)

Inside the colour-coded tubes, there’s everything from cleanser and serum to moisturiser, eye cream, sun block and night cream. The pumps seem to be leak-proof, and everything fits into one of those plastic airport bags, with room to spare.

All very well – but are the products any good? Here’s my verdict:

Blue tube: DNA Regeneration Serum. My joint favourite – the first skin prep that I’d rate as just about equal in effect to Sunday Riley’s amazing Good Genes.

Green tube: {DNA Intensive Renewal} My other favourite – a superior, light-weight moisturiser (no tackiness) and excellent make-up base. Also, Dr. Moy – the research scientist and dermatologist who created the brand – claims it’s the product most packed with goodies. Particularly recommended for anyone with visible sun damage or a family history of skin cancer.

Turquoise tube:DNA Eye Renewal. A slightly watery eye cream that smoothes out wrinkles as it dries.

Yellow tube: {DNA Sheer Defense Tinted Moisturiser SPF 50}  So hard to find an SPF 50 that doesn’t leave your face looking slightly greasy… but you’d expect a California-based dermatologist to get this one right – and he does.

Coral tube: DNA Renewal Foaming Cleansing Gel. A clear gel that turns white and slightly foamy when you use it with water. Not as slippy and easy to use as some cleansers (eg: my current favourite, Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water) but it does leave skin feeling unusually soft.

Lavender tube: {DNA Night Renewal} Love this enough to leave my precious pot of Cult 51 at home when I travel. Creamy, sinks in rapidly and keeps skin well-moisturised.

DNA Repair Enzymes

Wondering why everything in the range includes the acronym DNA?

According to Dr Moy, ‘DNA Repair Enzymes are the essential building blocks of skin and occur naturally in everyone. However, studies show that levels drop significantly at around the age of 30, meaning that the skin repairs itself at a much slower rate.’

DNA Repair Enzymes, he claims, seek out damaged DNA and repair cellular damage – ie: sun damage and other signs of ageing. He also uses Growth Factors – a molecular chain of amino acids – that apparently stimulate skin growth at a cellular level, and can also increase collagen production.

So can we trust all these claims?

Well, I’ve ploughed through several of Dr Moy’s published scientific papers on your behalf. These featured trials on creams containing DNA Repair Enzymes and Growth Factor – and a double-blind trial on DNA Repair Enzymes used in skin-cancer prevention.

Their conclusion? Dr Moy’s products really do help prevent skin cancer and treat pre-cancers.

Further studies – as yet unpublished – have shown that they also ‘significantly’ improve eye-bags, acne scars and age spots; and improve the appearance and ‘cosmetic health’ of the skin. Meanwhile, other double-blind trials are well underway.

PS: a secret. Can’t tell you how I know, but one of THE beauty icons of our age has been going to Dr Moy’s clinic for years. If it’s good enough for her…