Gwyneth Paltrow Sonya Dakar

Facialist to many of the biggest names in Hollywood - the never-ageing Gwyneth Paltrow, and THE current darling of the film-industry (and world) whose name we cannot mention but, let us just say she's renowned for falling over, photo-bombing, wearing Dior and being ridiculously good at acting - Sonya Dakar's skin care is the secret to the stars' red carpet 'glow'. Stacia, our fabulous International Buying Director was fortunate enough to get the A-list treatment, and was staggered by Sonya's face-changing skills...

"Let me start by saying {Sonya Dakar} is a force to be reckoned with.

She is a font of knowledge, a pioneer in natural skin care... and a bossy boots. I fell in love with her on sight - her passion for her products, for ingredients, for problem-solving and for life in general, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She scrutinises your face from the minute she meets you. You think she’s listening attentively, but she’s not… she’s analysing your complexion.

On my last visit to the clinic, I was lucky enough to experience the Sonya Dakar facial first-hand. Remember, her clinic is the nearest thing to skin care mecca - a glow-bestowing drop-in centre for the world's most celebrated beauties.

I began by filling out a very detailed skin analysis chart, and then my treatment started. 

First, my face was thoroughly cleansed with the heavenly-scented {Buriti Oil Cleanser}, then deep cleansed with the {Detox Micro Scrub}. This two-step process helps ensure that the canvas is spotlessly polished and perfectly prepped.

Next up, my personal favourite - {Flash Facial} - which exfoliates the skin incredibly gently (but effectively), eliminating dead cells and promoting plumpness to dispel that 'crêpey' look. The main ingredient - hylasome - hydrates skin 35% more effectively than hyaluronic acid, which is why your face looks 'cushiony' and luminous immediately after application.

After this, a layer of the {Nano Mask} was applied, and then the skin was steamed for a few minutes.

A relatively quick and painless extraction phase followed, then the {Nano Peel} was used to lighten, brighten and promote skin softness. The 'Nano' products are enriched with rare Swiss apple stem cells, which promote tissue's regenerative processes for maximum, age-defying effect.

I then underwent a series of specialist treatments (a little trickier to 'DIY', unless you've access to a multitude of diamond wands). Sonya indulged me with a diamond peel (to resurface and soften visibility of fine lines), LED red light treatment - to promote deeper penetration of a {Nano Mask}, {Stem Cell Transformer} and {Omega Booster} mixture - and then 'Total Lift' (which relies on magnetic frequencies to lift and sculpt your visage).

The facial is completed with light layers of Sonya Dakar's treatment serums - to target specific skin concerns - all 'sealed in' with the {Organic Omega Booster} and topped off with a layer of the {Daily Face Shield SPF 30}.

The result after one treatment was quite astonishing. And you can sustain the benefits with Sonya's simple skin-scription. "It's less about the number of steps and more about identifying your skin's needs", says Sonya. "You can condense the ritual to four or five stages - cleanse, serum, hydrator, eye cream and always, always, sunscreen"." 

So, want to glow just like Lennifer Jawrence (*huge hint*)? Discover Sonya Dakar and bring her highly-prized skin brilliance to the comfort of your very own home.