If you haven’t already discovered {Jouer Cosmetics} unparalleled complexion-perfecting prowess then a) where have you been? and b) there’s no better time to address this (quite frankly terrible) oversight. Ultra lightweight, the two ‘Moisture Tints’ are incredible – beloved by beauty bloggers, Cult Beauty experts and esteemed beauty editors alike (India Knight is a long-standing devotee), there’s no need to just take our word for it…

Available in glow-bestowing {Luminizing} and shine-minimising {Matte} formulations, which you opt for depends on your skin type and preference. ‘Wonderfully light’, the matte version provides a little bit more coverage than most BB/CC/DD tinted moisturisers. ‘Undetectable to the naked eye, [it] feels whipped rather than gloopy, is oil-free, hypoallergenic and has an SPF 15’ – India Knight.

Ideal if your skin is combination/oily, this manages to control greasiness without that retro, powdery chalkiness – it’s somehow matte but dewy (!?) and is perfect if you need a little extra ‘help’ to disguise blemishes, redness or dreaded dark circles.

Available in seven shades from Porcelain (for fair complexions) to Hazel (for tan complexions), via Linen, Nude, Beige Rose, Beige Natural and Chamomile, there’s a colour to complement almost all skin tones.


The {Luminizing Moisture Tint} ‘imparts a lovely, exceptionally effective glow and dewiness that is beautiful’ writes India, ‘it makes your skin look perkier and younger’ (we’ll take that). With a translucent, skin-friendly formula this unifies uneven tone without concealing freckles – so you look naturally lit-from-within – think ‘your skin but better’.

Because the texture is so sheer, it’s very difficult to go far wrong in terms of shade – most people find that they can get away with one step either side of their ‘ideal’, due to the ease with which this blends and its featherweight, buildable texture.

Available in eight hues – Opal, Pearl, Blush, Golden, Glow, Bronzed, Caramel and Deep Bronzed – you can also mix half-and-half {Luminizing} with the corresponding shade of {Matte} to create a perfect hybrid if you like the best of both worlds.