The Wet Brush

If you have hair, you need this brush - in one of its numerous guises. Whether you're Rapunzel-esque, a curly gurl or blessed with a manageable mop, {The Wet Brush} is a godsend - eliminating tats and tangles without 'ouches', to transform rat's nests into spun silk within minutes.

In a recent feature on 'the brushes you CAN use on wet hair', The Daily Mail awarded {The Wet Brush} an impressive 5/5, due to its unrivalled knot-eliminating skillz. 'This brush has thin and flexible bristles designed to glide through any hair type and comb out tangles effortlessly and painlessly. It can be used on wet or dry hair and the bristles bend as you brush, then bounce back, eliminating breakage.

'Comfortable to use and easy to pull through my long hair. It detangles in a couple of minutes - I usually spend double that painfully pulling out knots with a comb.

'On wet and dry hair, detangling was virtually pain-free and the sturdy handle makes it easy to use on other people - ideal as a brush for children’s hair. A great buy for the price.'

Perfect for popping in handbags, {The Wet Brush Mini} is a must-have, while its big sister, {The Wet Brush Midi} is pint-sized (ideal for little people), and great for gym bags or taking on travels.

Then, if you're particularly long of lock, there's {The Wet Brush Classic} - available in multiple colours (and animal prints), it separates strands without aggro - smoothing and taming with next-to-no stretching or breakage.