Omorovicza Summer Sun Duo

United for a limited time only, Omorovicza's {Summer Sun Duo} unites bestselling {UV Mineral Shield} and {Glam Glow} for 20% less than their recommended retail value*. Worth £110, both products can be yours for only £88 - read on to find out why you need them...

{UV Mineral Sun Shield} - reviewed by Alexia Inge, Co-Founder

'I don't use the word 'perfect' very often - it loses impact exponentially with frequency, but... 'perfect' really does sum up this phenomenal formula.

Using SPF daily on your face is the adult equivalent of eating your greens as a kid; you know it's good for you but it's annoying. What I've always found boring and bothersome about SPF is that 'suffocating' feeling - however supposedly 'lightweight' the texture, I'm invariably aware it's there - making me sweaty and playing havoc with my make up (that thing where you catch a quick glimpse of yourself and then realise your 'face' has slipped off? Yeah, that.)

Omorovicza's {UV Mineral Skin Shield} uses zinc oxide - the most effective UV protector because it reflects the UVA/UVB rays rather than absorbing them (like some cheaper chemical sunscreens) - and it's also much less irritating, making it ideal for those with sensitive, blemish and rosacea-prone skins. Traditionally guilty of making you look like a poor-man's Queen Elizabeth I, zinc oxide has had a makeover - in this formula, it's undetectable (even in strong sunlight) - and it doesn't migrate as you sweat to give you weird white wrinkles.

Omorovicza have triumphed - successfully developing a natural formula that disappears within minutes of application, but protects like you're wearing a hat. It's so barely-there, that if you were especially forgetful you could end up applying it twice - it's truly that invisible. I don't know how they've done it, but I love it that they have...

It's like discovering you actually like kale!!'


{Glam Glow} - reviewed by Alison Jones, Head of Merchandising

'If you tend to shy away from looking 'Only Way is Essex' this self-tan's for you. Super subtle, {Glam Glow} is perfect if you want a kiss of colour that looks utterly believable - like you've spent the weekend strolling around town in the sunshine (rather than rolling around in a pig sty).

I think it's fair to say I'm... fair (read: very pale white), and this is the best faux-glow I've found for face and legs - and it never goes wrong or looks streaky.

What's more, it's a veritable bargain - just a little goes a long, long way - making this £35 very excellently spent!'